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  1. Should I do all the plugs, specific cops, or try fuel filter first? Or could it be the fuel pump? I did let it get low on gas recently... just turned 99k on the clock and I haven't done plugs since I got it at 65k. Money is tight, so all advice appreciated. Hell, is seafoam worth trying next fill up?
  2. Check plug wells for liquid or debris. If the wells are clean pull the plugs and replace them they are good for about 100k miles which is where you are at. Take the plug change seriously and research it here before you do it I ain't posting all the tips again they are here do a search.
  3. Yeah...check plug wells for liquid and dry them out if you find any. That many misfire codes is rare.
  4. Ok so I am grabbing plugs and will swap them out. Can I properly clean/dry the wells out without a compressor using canned air, or should I ask someone with an air compressor to do this? Thanks again!
  5. You can dry it with a cloth. Just make sure there isn't too much water in there before you remove the plugs.
  6. cleaned out the wells with canned air and changed the plugs. Damn she runs good now! :)
    Thanks all!!
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