Engine P0340 Error 2006 Gt

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  1. Hello! I have a 2006 GT and got a P0340 error. Changed the cam sensor and alternator. Still has issues and check engine light. Mechanic spent about 5 hours going through the wiring...no issues. Checked the oscillator in the alternator, it's fine. Any thoughts? They are stumped.
  2. For a P0340 code on most cars, your list of likely culprits is:

    1. Cam Position Sensor
    2. Wiring.
    3. PCM

    On certain Fords, including yours, you can add the alternator to that list.

    I'm not sure how it took your mechanic 5 hours to go through the wiring for the camshaft position sensor circut, there's not but 2 wires in the circuit for each sensor and a total of two sensors.

    Get a second opinion from another technician.
  3. Thanks for your reply. The 5 hours included checking the new alternator wiring, test driving to check the idle ( dips rpms when idling) replacing the cam shaft sensor again just to confirm the new one they installed wasn't bad and a few other things they tried. They didn't just check the cam sensor wiring. That being said, I will look into your suggestions!
  4. Replace the alternator. I have seen this a few times. A alternator going bad...even though it tests good, can cause this code. Weird.
  5. It's a new one. We tried that and still have the code...
  6. A new one from whom? If it is a Duralast, well it is probably bad right out of the box. Stay away from AutoZone "Duralast" parts. A new Ford replacement would be the way to go.
  7. Hmmmm. Yes, got it from AutoZone so perhaps it's not a good one. I'll try what you suggested. Thank you!!