p0340 p0349 Codes as well as odd timing for both cams.


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Apr 17, 2020
Stone Mountain, GA
My beloved 3v has been getting these two particular codes(P0340, p049). However the vct selenoids are in good shape as well as the timing chains and the phasers. However when looking at the timing for the driver side camshaft it is 20 degrees retarded while the passenger camshaft is -1 degree negative. I am so lost on what could have caused this. I have a Vortech v-2 and I have a replacement alternator but I wanted to know whether or not this seems like a tuning issue and if not, what can I do to fix it.

P.S when they shorted the solenoids on either side of the car the engine kept running, because it happened on both sides I'm assuming there is some lockout or means of bypass for them. I took it to some ford specialists in GA and they said the car is in practically perfect condition internally and were very confused about why the codes were coming up.

I love this car with all my heart but if :poo: like this keeps coming up I'll sadly have to get a newer model :-(((. I have been planning on putting a stroker kit or having the engine bored out w/ new internals as i'm trying to get around 600 HP

The black exterior w/ red interior is something I definitely don't want to give up and it only has 61,000 miles.


Car Specs:

489 WHP
425 WTQ
Tuned By Fastlane Motorsports in NC


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