P0411 trouble code

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  1. Hi, Newbie here. My service engine light had come on in my 2000 Mustang, and I found the code was P0411, Secondary Air Injection System. I was wondering if anyone had experinced a similar problem and what was the faulty condition was. It may help to narrow down my search. Thank you.
  2. I believe something to do with exhaust system. What did you do to your car?
  3. I didn't do anything to it. No upgrades or modding. Just drive it back and forth to work. I am assuming that at 60,000+ miles that something has outlived it's useful life and needs replacement. Or maybe when I had it in for routine oil change and service they did something, but usually I am aware of something going wrong too soon after I had it in the shop for anything.
  4. How do you find out what the code is?
  5. With an OBDII reader. It just plugged into the connector under the dash and it gave the trouble code, plus a digital readout stating what the code meant. If you mean how do you determine what the codes mean, just do a google search of Mustang OBDII codes. You'll find a lot of links to sites with the codes.
  6. I was just asking cause my check engine light is on and I want to know why it is that its on.
  7. what year is your stang, dcdisturbed947?

    if its 99+ you can get the error codes w/o a comp.

  8. its a 2003. How do I do it?
  9. I looked up P0411 and it referenced me to P1411 - Secondary Air Injection (AIR) system downstream flow

    Description: The secondary air injection system does not detect the presence of air in the exhaust when introduced by the secondary air injection system

    What to check:
    Electric AIR Pump
    Hose from AIR pump leak
    AIR bypass solenoid leak/blocked
    Hose from AIR pump blocked
    AIR bypass solenoid stuck open/closed

    I haven't any experience with that so I don't have a quick answer, but at least you have a starting point.

    DcDisturbed, you can get Autozone to pull the codes for free.

    Hope that helps..
  10. ok put your key in the ignition. hold your button on the dash that controls your odometer...you know you push it and the LED changes from trip meter to odometer...hold that down then turn your car to on or crank it. hold this down until you see test come up and let go.

    when you let go it says gauge and the needles sweep all the way to the max then back to 0. then press again all bulbs light up, press again and get the ROM version. Then EE level, hex value for mfg date, then the next time you will get the diagnostic code. (press 6 times i think). its going to say dtc then a 4 digit code.

    whats cool is next. you press one more time you see ENG0000 and this tells you your mph! Then metric, tach, and a few other things. even tells you your exact fuel level, oil pressure, few other things.

    for a list of all the codes and pics


  11. So the sixth time that I press it would be the code that i'll have to look up?
  12. Those DTC codes are different than the OBDII codes. I'm not sure if the DTC codes even trigger the Check Engine Light. You'll need a code scanner to pull the OBDII codes.
  13. yea but the dtc code list is at the bottom of that page. and yeah, some trigger it. it doesnt hurt to check.
  14. ok I checked it out, the code that comes up is
    5284 - Oil Pressure Switch Failure
    Anybody know what this is and how I can fix it?