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  1. Good evening all,
    I am throwing a P1406 code (P1406 - DPF EGR Sensor Downstream Hose Off or Plugged ). This was easy to identify and research, here is where I need help.

    The hoses from the EGR sensor look to be attached and fine and I cannot see any hoses anywhere else that could be an issue. I am not that strong at too much research on the car, so curious if I should just replace the EGR sensor and reset the code, or should I take it in to someone I trust for a deeper look?

    Thanks for any help,
  2. Guess it would also help to note it is a 1999 Ford Mustang GT
  3. You could pull the hose and see if it is blocked. Might help to remove the EGR to see. Carbon will build up inside of it and give you that code. You can clean it with some carb cleaner. Worked on my old Expedition just fine.
  4. The DTC code would seem to indicate a rotted or cracked DPFE hose.

    In my experience the DPFE sensors fails about as often as any other EGR related part. Remember that exhaust gases are hard on rubber parts.

    However, I'm not certain that you are actually looking at the DPFE sensor. The DPFE sensor and the EGR valve are not the same thing. Unless the part you are looking at has two vacuum lines running to the EGR tube it's not the DPFE sensor. On the 4.6 V8 it's hard to see near the firewall.

  5. Thanks all the feedback. Actually I went to check the hoses on the DPFE sensor and while it "appeared" to be connected, it actually was not. Re-connected and so far so good. I did get more hose to replace the old hoses just as a secondary feel good :)
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