P1443 I am at a loss....


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Mar 6, 2000
Portland, OR
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Been having issues with this for years. Car is a 96 GT convertible that I picked up from a tow yard about 5 years ago. Car had 67K on the clock at the time has almost 120K now. Immediately I had to replace the filler gasket on the tank because the first fill it leaked gas all over. After that repair, I noticed the tank was not venting properly. Every time the cap was opened after driving it let out a hiss. On hot days it would kick the code for P1443 then it would go out shortly after. For the first 4 years of ownership I got P1443 about 5 times a year for a day or two and then it would go away for a while. Beginning of this year I got the code again it and it did not go away in a day or two. So I ordered the sensor like I did with my Tigger car years ago. It went away for another couple months and then it came back solid again. This time I bench tested the valve and it was dead. I put a used one that I had from one of my parts cars. It bench tested fine but the light would come on when filling the tank now. I then replace the vacuum lines from the engine to the charcoal box. When I had that all apart I checked the charcoal box and it looked good, no cracks. The metal line from the tank to charcoal box was plugged. Blowing air from my air compressor solved the clog. After that no more issue with the tank venting but code has been pretty much present all the time now since the tank is venting. Last weekend I crawled under to check things and I noticed the rubber line from the tank vent valve was not on all the way on the metal line so I pushed it on. light was off for about 2 days and then it came back. I swapped sensors with another one off one of my 96's to see if the new sensor failed again and it was no change. Still have the light on this car and other car is fine. I am at a loss now. Wiring all looked good, I took a good look at that this weekend. Vacuum line from the engine is all new. The only thing I can think of is to change the charcoal box. I have a couple used ones that I can try. I have to get this solved by June so I have some time but it is annoying.

Any input or ideas would be appreciated.
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