P1SC 05+ Mustang GT Procharger Stage II

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  1. Everyone i know is going TT..... so ill post their blowers for sale for them...

    procharger stage II (this is upgraded fan, shroud, and aluminum tank) When you look at the blower unit, youll notice it has an intake filter. This is because the owner deleted the black intake pipe because he had a strut brace that was in the way. So to resolve his problem he contacted procharger and asked if it was OK to delete the intake and connect the filter to the unit and they said it was perfectly fine. Since then, he threw away the intake pipe. The kit has 15k miles and it is in REALLY good condition as you can see from the pics.

    He can guarantee everything needed to make it a tuner kit except ALL the bolts. Unfortunately he is not sure when the shop removed it for him, they didint save all the bolts. But he has alot of bolts still, just not sure if it comes with all of them.

    His price is 3200 shipped with money order or check or 3300 with paypal to cover the fees. He is firm on this price so please dont bother. Will be bubble wrapped and everything to ensure safety during transit.

    What you need to complete the kit is some bolts(if missing and can be found anywhere), injectors, tuner and fuel pump. So far two people have expressed high interest so first to send payment will get the kit.

    Car made 460 rwhp on the 10lb pulley supplied. Also will be included is a brand new still in packaging 15lb pulley and brand new pulley belt.

    more pics if needed, but its just piping which i dont know if you really need to see.
    2 bottles of supercharger oil is also included for the new owner if he wants tro put a fresh batch of oil into the charger(oil in there is stil good though, so its up to you)

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  2. had he sold this yet?
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