1. My p1sc is an older model (from 2001) with the 3.20 pulley and there is an annoying squeak which goes away with a little bar soap but comes right back, so I ordered a gator back belt (1073), is that the right size and how hard is the install of a new belt? Any advice would be helpful
  2. I got a 1080 with mine from ProCharger, when I ordered it 2 years ago. That was with a 3.6 pulley. I called them when I ordered my 3.4 pulley and they said to stay with the same size. I know it doesn't quite apply because you have a 3.2 but maybe give you some perspective. You could call them yourself and see what they say the right size belt is for the 3.2. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the reply, is the belt install difficult?
  4. You do have to route it around the blower pulley, idler and alternator before bolting down the supercharger itself. The biggest challenge was getting the brand new 1080 belt completely in place without a second set of hands. Had to fight that thing on there. There was no stretch in the belt and holding the tensioner slack while trying to route the belt over the power steering pump was a pain.
  5. Thanks for the info, fortunately my dad is going to help me (30year mechanic) so it shouldn't be bad