PA Performance 3G Alternator

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by larrendeuce, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. I want to know who has ordered from Did everything arrive on time and in good condition? I know this has probably been asked before but what length wire should I get, short or long?
  2. I ordered mine from them and I have a 90 GT with battery on the drivers side. I ordered the 160A and long premium wire. The long wire goes along with the harness from the alternator, out front around the radiator then under the battery tray to the starter solenoid. All needed parts came with it and it had the alternator hole threaded, everything fit perfectly. I did use the original 10ga wire but removed one at the splice to make room for more connections. The original wiring used two 10ga to the alternator connector because the connector pins couldn't handle the full current, then they are joined to one 10ga wire (this wire has to be used in addition to the 4ga wire for a neat easy installation).

  3. I got my 150A alternator from Alterstart Inc. ($120 + s&h with a lifetime warranty) , but I got the wiring from PA Performance. Both had super-fast delivery.

    I got the standard/long wiring kit -- 4ga wire, 200A fuse and fuse holder. I highly recommend it or their premium/long kit. Very easy install, and it'll give you the safety you need with the upgraded alternator.
  4. Great company to deal with!
  5. I went with a '95 Alt instead of going thru PA but I did call them up for the stator connector as well as a megafuse, they got the stuff out right away and were polite when i ordered, i had gotten 2 stators (one for a friend) and they forgot one, when I called back they gave me absolutely no problems. I would definitely recommend them as a great company