Pace Car lowered

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  1. Well, here they are. First pics of my car lowered with Eibach Prokit Springs. It was lowered 1.25" in front and 1.0" in back so it has a slight rake. Look good. Also had tons of other suspension work done on ti (See my sig). Will post pics of the other work (sway bars, c/c plates, etc) later, when I can figure out how to get more than one pic per thread.

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  2. I can't figure out what happened to the attachment. It says it has one but I don't see it?????????
  3. Same thing happened to me on my post ?????
  4. But I wanna see the pictures. :(
    Everytime I see that car, it makes me :drool:. :D
    EDIT: I figured out the problem.
    After you get it uploaded, and push 'save changes', you have to go into your User control panel (User CP), then under miscillaneous, chose attactchments. they are all saved there. Open the picture you want, and save the link. then, link to it like this: [​IMG]
    ( I wish :drool: )
    They just stopped posting the picture in your thread, but it is saved at stangnet.

    Edit again: WHAT?!? They won't let me show the picture in the thread. only a link to it. This stinks. Between the stupid links that apear everytime someone writes out engine, volvo and truck it makes me want to leave. I think I will be spending MUCH more time at turboford. None of this BS, and I am proud to send them donations for the excellent, JUNK free site they have. :mad:
    To bad an admistrator will never see this. It would be a real lose to the boards to lose posters like me because of stupid **** like that. :notnice:
  5. I've basically left all drives me nuts so I just don't hang around much :(
  6. Where did you get those side skirts?

    I just came into possession of a 82 Mustang GT nose to go on my red '80 Mustang and I like the look of those Side skirts.

    EDIT: nevermind I didnt read your sig first.
  7. Nice. Your car is awesome.
  8. VERY NICE. I abo****ly love your car. :worship:
    :drool: ;)
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  10. Definitely Awesome!