Pace cars!! We get no respect????

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by cmozez, May 22, 2003.

  1. 320 views on this post so far. Who do we get into contact to try to get a section? We need our own section!!!!!!!!
  2. PM an administrator or somethin.
  3. There's a Bill Puck in Colorado that had an Indy pace car registry if anyone is interested.
  4. Yeah, I have Bill's address. There is also a web site that is run by a guy named Ian but he basically uses it for self promotion. He wants $10 to register your car, not me!! I wish someone would get a good site going. I searched and someone has it but there was nothing there. I was thinking about starting a sit. What else could I name it?

    Indy Pace Car Registry
    p.o. box 261251
    Lakewood, Co 80226
    William (Bill) Puck

    I don;t know if he is still involved but here is his address if anyone is interested.
  5. i just bought a pace car. anyone have the info to decode the door tag and body buck tag?
  6. Go to Steves Mustang pace car page. This guy is from the UK and is nice as can be. He decoded mine for me. His e-mail address is on the page.Drop him a line and tell him cmozez sent his best to him and his new family(twins).
  7. Guys,
    Go to E-bay and search "mustang pace car". There is a 79 pace car on there that has been painted white, which I can buy because in the engine photo you can see the org color in the back ground. It has an early 80's fuel injected turbo engine in it. It has some recovered Recaros in it,T-bird wheels and a late 90's rear spoiler......BUT this is what has me stumped, It has no sunroof. I checked the vin and the vin listed is a pace car vin. Tha only thing that I can figure is the top rusted and it has been replaced. Go look at it and tell me what ya think

    ANYWAY, back to the subject, the vin:

    9= year of production
    f=dearborn production plant
    03= 3 door sedan(hatchback)
    F=302 2v, 8 cyl engine( I don't know what it is for 4cyl, post up so we will know)
    48= unique 2 digit number given only to pace car replicas
    XXXX=consecutive unit number, mine is #7230, who ever has 0004 would have the first replica built, or so I think they would. There is a DSO number on the door sticker that tells you where the car was shipped to, the only ones I know so far are , 21(mine) which is Atlanta and 48 , which is Detroit. Anyone else have any different numbers or info?
  8. Wow! no replies since 7-23-03, this is sad, there has to be more of us.
  9. all 3 pace cars TOGETHER!!!

    I was just at a Mustang Club of America show in Dearborn. It was a great show. We got to tour the Mustang assembly plant. In the show there was a Real 64 Pace car, the guy has it documented back to the 80s other than that hes checked it out and its real. After the show was over I went up to him and the other 79 pace car and asked if we could get a Picture of ALL the cars!!! I had the only 94 and there were 3 or 4 of the 79's and the one 64. How often can you get All 3 pace cars together!!! We did it in front of the Ford world headquaters building with the cenntenial dispay behind it. It was Great!!! now I have a Picture of MY car in the trio pic like Ford did in 94 for the race.

    I have to get my pics on the web and then Ill Post them!!
  10. here are the pics of ALL 3 pace cars!!!
    Mines the 94


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  11. great pic!! i just set it as my desktop wallpaper(thanks!:) )
  12. Yeah I love the pic.
  13. I'm wondering with the new design if the Mustang will be chosen for another pace car?
  14. oh how id love to have a 79 pace car :drool:
  15. There's about 4 for sale on Ebay right now. None looked in very good shape, but you get what you pay for.
  16. I've tried my best to get us a slot but had no feedback from the PMs I sent. SO lets just use the special production board as our own. If we get enough traffic maybe we will get a place of our own. I am going to do a new post as we speak, Ya'll check it out.
  17. Do any of you with the '79 Pacecars know where i can get that front bumper??? I believe they were the same up through '82 on the GTs...but i have an '85 that i want to get that nose for...i've looked everywhere...let me know if any of you have any info.
  18. they show up on ebay alot for a couple hundred.
  19. Just my opinion mind you, but I think the lack of respect is b/c you guys are always out front holding up traffic. :rlaugh:
  20. I just got my 79 pace car 3 weeks ago :D Guy before me already did all the body work just ready for paint now and the interior is in very good shape(not excelent though) Already converted to 5 lug and disk brakes and I am building a pretty powerful little turbo 4 for it to atleast have some of it's orginality :nice:

    For as many as there were made(wasnt it close to 10k??) I sure dont see many of them. The only other one I have seen in person is Shannon Guderian's other pace car(the one I now have was his). Thats fine with me though, I like having something different from everyone else.