Pace cars!! We get no respect????

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by cmozez, May 22, 2003.

  1. Just got mine which is a 302 c4 combo there are 2106 in 79. I bought an air dam off ebay. Still need the fender extentions though. I got the car for free but I'll post some pics, and you'll see why.
  2. Welcome to the club. Stangnet is the place to be for the info you will need to restore your Pace Car. Good luck.
  3. It's bad, someone took the air dam and fender extensions, broke off both the sail panels for the 1/4 windows, took the recaros, it have no motor tranny or rear end, some guy with a chevelle torched it out thinking it would work for his car, dumba**.
    It's probably not worth much now but it's a pace car and I ve always wanted one.
  4. I have an extra front air dam. It's just the bottom portion below the bumper. I don't have the two small side panels. Let me know if that is what you need.
  5. BTR, Do you still have the air dam, I'd be extremely interested the one I got off ebay is kinda a POS. Let me know
  6. Got some new pics of my pacecar.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Yes,
    I just tried to send you an email.

  8. Love the 79 pace car.....looks great!!! I have always wanted one for a project car to refurb. but they are really hard to find. I will find one someday i am sure.....thanks for the pics!!!
  9. Merkstang

    Your Pace Car looks awesome. I recently purchased a high miler 94.... I bought a set of stickers for it - where did you get your windshield stickers (that match the real pace car's) ? Thanks.
  11. Where are you talking about?
  12. the front and rear reinforcements behind the bumper covers. on most 79-93 mustangs the front is fiberglass and the rear is steel. i read on the web, sometime ago that 79 pace cars and cobras had aluminum ones. dad had a cobra but sold it. he said it had aluminum bumpers. if you know; where could i buy some.
  13. My pacecar has aluminum front and rear.
  14. my brother and i have had 3 to date. the first was a v8 5 speed car. it was driven in the winter and a little beat. hit of patch of ice, twisted/cracked frame and destroyed motor. the second was a v8 5 speed car also. got it in terrible condition. new floor pans, lots of body work, cutting and welding. tore down the motor, made an aluminum headed 306, ran 13.2 on street tires with 2.73's. it was sitting at work when someone smashed into the front end and took off. we bent the frame back but it just wasnt good enough. we salvaged EVERYTHING and cut it up. got another v8 automatic in real rough shape for free, took a few good parts and sold it for 800 bucks. we now have an 82 with the same 306 except now with et streets, prostars, manual steering, 410s and an auburn pro locker, drag struts, shocks, tubular k member and a arms. has run 11.5's with the wheels 6 inches up in the air.
  15. I have a 1979 Pace Car that had a horrible past life..I was a 4cly turbo but now has a motor that is from a junkyard and no turbo. In the interior it had the seats but i took them out because they were in the worst shape in the world! the interior is completely gutted right now because i am waiting for room in the garage to start restoration. I have started on some body work but there isnt much that needs to be done. Its an Ohio car that is in decent shape. It has surface rust on the hood which i am going to get rid of and it has some little rust on one of the front fenders. It doesnt have the orignal trx rims on it but that doesnt matter because my plans for this car is to drop in a mild 460 with about 5-600 horses and a completely new interior. All light weight suspension and much much more. the interior will not be restored to original but the exterior will be because i love my pace car! We need a thread of our own. I have had my pace car since i was 13 years old.