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  1. yeah right, she could toss you some cheap hamm's or coors light and you would stop long enough to sniff it out, and perhaps even scarf if down, and then she would be long gone:D :D :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. Coors Light maybe; since they (Adolph Coors Co, Golden, Colorado) are a PRCA National sponsor and therefore throw some sponsorship our way for our local Rodeo. (StDr sez, as he sucks the last few drops out of his Killians bottle) And Killians is now a Coors, holding; which means Coors now also produces one of the finer red ales out there! :hail2:

    They also do a Belgian hefeweizen; called "Blue Moon". As a rule, Hefeweizens are not good to my palate; even with the recommended 1/4 orange freshly squeezed into the glass, Blue Moon just tastes.... not to my palate Notice I'm being PC when talking about a high-4-digit sponsor's product

    Hamm's? - NO! :puke: :puke: :puke:
    EDIT: Jeeze! Next you'll be threatening me with Red Dog or Stroh's :eek:
  3. hamm's isnt so bad for a cheap beer...........oh heck who am i kidding, it does rather suck doesnt it? but then free beer isnt something you turn down when a friend gives it to you.

    as for the others, i would never do that to you. might toss a corona your way though, maybe:D :D :rlaugh:
  4. Nope, sorry:( . It shows 22000 miles, custom autosound am/fm radio (no cassette) and I'd check the color around the gas cap, but the bloody thing is still sitting at my mechanics waiting for a break in the snow so I can bring it home without getting it covered in road salt :mad: :mad: .
  5. It's 2008, time for a new fault person.

    It's (fill in a name here)'s fault!

  6. blame me, i dont care. if a blood sugar of 1200, or 49, or an abcess that caused me to be septic cant kill me, you guys certainly cant :D :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  7. You had an abcess that swelled up like septic tank????? What?
  8. Your septic tank had a blood sugar of 1200?????
  9. in 2001 i went to the hospital where i was told that my blood sugar was 1200, and the doc was wondering why i wasnt in a coma.

    last feb/mar i was in the hospital with an abcess that caused me to be septic(blood infection, very bad). while i was in the hospital i had a blood sugar reading of 49, and usually at that point most people are also in a coma.
  10. OOps! Another joke gone bad. Hope no offending.
  11. no offense taken:D :D

    step one, load .45

    step two, hunt down chepsk8 and stangdreamin

    step three, bury the bodies where they wont be found for 1000 years

    step four, make like nothing happened by hacking their accounts to keep posting on the net

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: