Paid online survey sites?? Anyone tried them?

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  1. Anyone in here used an online site that pays you to take surveys, watch movie trailers?? If so which ones are the best??? Im looking to try something for a little supplemental income.
  2. I'm curious as well. Always thought is was BS but I don't know.
  3. I know I have read some of em are BS, Ive heard some are legit, just trying to get the low down on em
  4. There was one I have seen where theres 6 addresses, you send a dollar to each address and repost last 5 addresses in forums and stuff i think, then put urs on the bottom as the 6th one, then the next people will send you a dollar to you and the 5 others then you become number 5 on the list and they become 6 then the next person sends u a dollar while ur sending the other 5, 1 dollar each, while ur getting 1 dollar from each person that does the same thing, so the more u advertise it the more people see it and the more money you would get...supposedly its legal since u are exhanging money for the "service"........never tried it, sounds korny but always curious if it did a yahoo search and im sure youll find it if ur interested
  5. I use pinecone research... I get a few dollars a month (not enough to buy a big mac) but I get to review new products all the time.
  6. thats illegal you know
  7. Pyramid scheme. Never pay to work for someone :nono:
  8. they dont work
  9. Wasn't Pyramid a game on TV back in the 80's?
  10. Theres nothing Illegal about that at all.... What laws are your breaking??? Its peoples own fault if they fall for the stupid scheme... And a pyrimid scheme is like that vector knife company.... They say you can make all this money selling knives but you have to buy a set right off the bat in order to market them...
  11. and yes it is illegal
  12. Once again if your posting it on the internet where is the illegalness in it? If you dont guarantee anything your not liable... Its almost like donating a dollar to the salvation army... If people are stupid enough to send you a dollar then they deserve to loose that dollar.. Panhandling isnt illegal and its the same principal almost you stand there with a sign saying your poor and people give you money. They had a thing on the news here about panhandlers and some were making close to 200k a year doing it... Nothing illegal at all.
  13. there is in fact a law stating that a pyramid scheme is illegal..
  14. Yes but the message board really wouldnt be the scheme being you dont really have to buy anything... And if its so illegal why is vector marketing still in buisiness? I would imagine that the laws differ from state to state..
  15. Well I just started this one and so far so good, got like 20 some bucks from the free offers. Was bored so I thought why not?

    not too bad and when you fill out a survey or email address then you get to play a cheesey game. Good for the bored. Would recommend making a new email though, as you get tons of spam and stuff
  16. there are laws against a pyramid scheme. Yes laws vary from state to state but it is still illegal. No matter how you bring it up or how it is worded it is still the same thing and is still against the law.
  17. It was not intentional, just the last link I copied from one of the pages that I had there, took it out, so that way no one thinks I'm a d***head

    If you would be willing to give me the referal the following link would help me a little, if not I won't take it personally

    btw I haven't done too bad, have about 60 bucks now, some of which is pending, but they said some of hte amounts take a little longer
  18. Much better, thank you! I'll edit my post as well. :nice: