Pain at the pump.

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  1. $3.45/gal for 92 oct.

    Hawaii FTW!!

    Anybody top that?
  2. This thread is going to be moved lol.

    I think it's like 3.20 per gallon here in CA. Havn't filled up inna while though. I'm going to hawaii in May :D
  3. yeah move to NY. was 3.59/gal the other day, and it'll probably be higher now that its the weekend.

    edit: for premium.
  4. Iam in Nor cal, 91 octane is 3.39
  5. OH for teh win. $3.13/92 :D
  6. I just put $20 of 92 grade in my Mach. $3.21 . SIX WHOLE GALLONS!!!!! :owned:
  7. $3.02/gallon of 93 down here... but I use 3 tanks a week :(
  8. $3.93/Gal here for 87!! ($1.16/LTR):mad:
  9. Hawaii's always been one of the highest if not the highest places for gas. Maybe Brooklyn might be close. When I lived in Nevada, we were told our pipeline fed us, California and the freight to the islands.

    I'm getting ready to have to start buying premo over my low grade... I don't care. You pay for these cars. If we could afford more, we would have more. I love my pony and I'll pay whatever price. **** the corporations for putting it to us... it's Exxon (this last week) admitting that their historical all time quarterly profits were because of higher pump prices... and "D" student Dubya needs an investigation for price gouging??? Thank you big business... :dead:
  10. It's about $3.13 for 93 here.
  11. i'd happily pay more for gas if i lived in Hawaii :)
    I'll be heading to Maui in 2 weeks and staying about a month and will happily shell that out for gas.
  12. they just raised the prices here in L.A, Cali to $3.53 for 91 :( :nonono:
  13. $2.93 for 91 in Northern Colorado... Better go get 500 gallons.:rlaugh:
  14. 2.99 for premium in northwest Jersey. I don't give a **** how high it goes, it isn't going to change my driving habits. My car never sees rain, driven only in the summer. With my Saleen hard tonneau cover I only put the top up when I wash her. Sits in the garage when not being driven. It's an '03 with 17000 on her. Anybody else here who doesn't care about gas prices?
  15. 35 bucks to fill my GT up. Gas just dropped to 2.79 for 87, which is what I run. I knocked down almost 23 mpg last tank, so its a big step up from the 16/17 mpg highway I am used to.

    It would be well over 50 bucks now for my 4x4.
  16. $3.59 at the place down the street...:nonono:

    and I wouldn't expect ANY politician or bureaucrat to be too worried about it, after all they get most of their "cut" based on a percent of the price...price goes up; government gets more money...:bang:
  17. $3.49 in salt lake hahaha got you beat!

    hawaii sucks bad. "paradise" is seriously overrated. a gallon of milk costs $5. a ****hole studio won't go less than $1000 a month, and the median house is about $600,000 or so.

    you can drive around the island in about 3 hours. shipping parts costs as much as the part if not more. $60 to ship mils and o2 extensions no thank you!
  18. 3.07 here for 87, 3.27 for the good stuff. Just filled the car last night with 87, it already feels slower :nonono:
  19. I'm heading to Maui in 2 weeks...what do you need :p
    Housing is super expensive there!!!! i'll be looking at a house and its a fixer upper for 700,000 :eek: but its 1 block from the beach in a touristy area so the Ohana's will get a nice rent.
    Oh i don't drink milk, its bad for you.
  20. 6.65 USD/gal in Germany :shrug: