Pain at the pump.

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  1. European countries don't count, most of the price is tax by their govt. The people don't complain so they are irrellevant.
  2. Despite your last sentence, I just wanted to put your prices in relation. Tax or not we have to pay it.
    However - as long as the taxes are used to build autobahns without speed limits, I'm fine with it (almost ...).
  3. I paid 2.99 for 91 octane yesterday. I beleive it was 3.09 earlier this week. What suck's about it is that I work for a pipeline company. We have 38 tanks here and half of them hold gasoline. I have seen all of these tanks full to the top and the gas prices are still high. Our volumes have dropped off now and we are almost empty. We don't own any of the product, we just handle it for the shippers that pay for it. Pearl02. PS I don't get a discount on gas. I pay what everyone else pays.
  4. bring me a cobra front brake setup, and vt stage 1 cams :). I will pay you back with friendship, and that itself is priceless. I think you're getting the better deal, but that's what friends are for :lol:.
  5. I turned my timing down on my T/A just so I don't need to buy premium. Price is insane.
  6. ahh its not too bad. I'm getting 12 mpg with bolt ons :(, but I only live 5 miles from work.

    even when they start to produce the e10 locally, our prices will still go up. stupid gas cap :(.
  7. $2.89 in CT for 87
  8. 2.96 in searcy arkansas for 93
  9. i don't think the brakes would fit in my suitcase :D and VT cams are like gold, if i had a few sets i could sell them and retire.
  10. hasnt slowed anyone down around here...I went to get gas on friday and it was still 2-3 cars to each pump like it usually is...I wish people would stay home I hate tourists:bang:
  11. How is that possible to get 12mpg on a GT. I got 20-22 mixed and up to 26-28 highway with several boltons on my old 04 GT. I get 18-20 city and 25 highway on my PI swapped 98 with nearly every bolton.
  12. Yup. Just a few dimes cheaper over here.
  13. Your foot must be wayyy heavy. I get like 15, but I got an auto and 2800 stall, and my foot is super heavy :D
  14. $2.84 in new hampshire...:flag:

  15. Its called WOT a lot and a heavy foot:D

  16. From what I hear, gold may shoot up to $3200 an ounce!

    I get 12 mpg because I was born with a lead right foot :nice: