Painless Wiring .... Quick Question.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by ram360, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. I bought the FI wiring kit (P# 60510). It doesn't use the stock connector as far as the ignition wiring goes. I just has two red wires for the ignition, I'm assuming they connect to the two wires that are coming from the ignition lock cylinder itself? Also It has one wire that's supposed to connect to the B terminal on the starter relay (I'm assuming that the "B" terminal is that has the + wire from the battery connected to it) Just want to make sure before I screw something up. Thanks! :nice:
  2. Now this sounds like a bit of a pain to me... j/k

    As far as the two ignition wires, that sounds right. I think one is for ignition power and the other is starter signal. But I have never seen one of those harnesses before, so I'm guessing.
    I think the 'B' terminal is the small prong on the starter solenoid. I think on Mustangs it is on the drivers fender.
    I have a custom harness in mine. So you may want to double check. I don't remember what the Mustang was like.
  3. OK Thanks, yeah all the say is connect the wire to the "B" terminal on the starter relay. I had it on the smaller terminal (diode supressed) but changed it. I think that's where it belongs though. With my luck, I'll try to start the car and fry everything!
  4. The yellow wire to the starter relay goes on the battery side of the relay. The 2 red ignition wires need to splice into wires coming from the ignition switch that are hot in start and run.

    BTW, I just used 60511 to rewire my 86. This harness has extra length at the EEC so I put my EEC under the passenger seat.
  5. Just curious, and a little off topic, how much did that painless kit run you?
  6. It runs about $475 through Summit. I got it for a lot less through a buddy's shop.
  7. does the painless direct 5.0 liter harness have a spout connector for timming?
  8. Yes, but it's located near the EEC, not at the distributor.
  9. Thanks, I found it!
  10. Seems like you should be good with the info above. I have the same harness in my tbird v8 conversion. The 2 ign wires go to the switch I believe they were red w/ a green stripe, and the -B wire goes to the solenoiid on the fender wall, I think its green. If you need more info let me know and I can scan the instruction manual and send to you, or I can snap a few pics and send to you. It actually works really well. A couple of things I really like about it is that it doesent have that "pill" thing for the spout it just has a connector that you disconnect. Almost similar to chevy trucks, this way you cant loose it...Also I found that he O2 sensor wires are quite long so you dont need extensions for LT headers. It is a little lighter and it eliminates the 2 large connectors behind the intake.

  11. Thanks for the information! I actually installed a painless 5.0 efi harness in my 90. I wasn't exactly sure what the connector looked like. It is a high quality harness though. Ive had enough with my car though. Every time I turn its more money. I did a hudge 4 year long overhaul and thought I was complete with parts only to find out that I need a bypass valve and btm unit. Im so pissed off :nonono:
  12. I guess its safe to say "you gotaa pay to play"
  13. ive been planning on getting one of these too, any more opinions on them