Electrical Painless Wiring

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Kevin Thornton, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking about buying a 67 2dr hardtop mustang that has no wiring in it, how hard would it be to put in the painless wiring harness that is sold for these? and is their any cheaper choices to go to get it wired up? the painless wiring harness are close to a grand, any help/advice is much appreciated
  2. Classic Autowire is another option, you can find them on sale occasionally. I like them because they come with new headlight switch and dimmer switch, plus the updated fuses just like painless. I can't attest to its quality or ease of installation vs painless though.
  3. there are a number of companies that have wiring harnesses. painless, american auto wires, ron francis among others. they are all pretty similar these days in that they mark the wires as to where they go to make things a bit easier to install the harnesses. understand however, there will be some termination required regardless of whose harness you go with.
  4. I thought one of those harness advertises everything as being pre-terminated?
  5. some are, some are not.
  6. I bought a universal kit from painless wiring some time ago and I love it. I bought the 12 circuit. The customer service was great and I used it so much, I was almost on a first name basis with one of the techs. The directions are pretty straight forward for the most part and you can find wiring diagrams on the net or buy a diagram from your year. It's a great learning experience as well. Hope this helps.