35th Anniv Paint and body appt today

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  1. Well, I took my GT in today for some small damage I had on the front bumper and some bumber rash on the back. They will be replacing the front bumper completely and it should be back home by wednesday. It sure was tough to leave it there, but I know the shop owner and the guy doing the work, his wife works at the same place I do. So, I'm not too nervous.
    Best part is there will no longer be four big screws in my bumper. The dealer installed a tag before I bought the car. And along with 65,000 miles of bug guts/rock chips/etc. it will look really nice again.

    I'll post pics once complete.

  2. Goodluck man, let us know how it turns out.

    My front bumper is thankfully fine but there are a few chips in my hood that I'd like to get taken care of eventually and I need to touch up where someone in a Sentra "forgot" to hit the brakes.
  3. i have little rock chips and a few small scratches on my car. pretty much on every panel. you really have to get up close to see them but from a distance the car looks flawless. when I get back to the states I plan on getting all this taken care of though.

    good luck with your car. hope your happy with the results. i had to drill a hole in my bumper for the license plate to be able to drive it on base
  4. Ok guys got it back at lunch....looks much better. Looks even better with a smooth front with no plate screws!

    See pic!

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  5. Pic from my phone.

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  6. So that's what a stock 35th looks like... :)

    Looks great man.
  7. They definately look much cleaner without the front plate, i've never put one on mine when I got a new front bumper!


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  8. That grill delete really looks good... hmm.

    Also love the wheels. I've been trying not to buy new wheels for 3 years now, think I'm just a little tired of the stock 35th wheels.
  9. looks good. my 99 is holding up so far. just a small ding on the roof. how that happen? not sure.
  10. Sound barrier?:shrug:
  11. Jason, I had to replace my front bumper too when I had the chips repaired on my car. Dumbass me put a plate on the front the day I got it. The car really does look better without a plate.

    BTW, the paint guy (shop owner) didn't charge me for the paint work he did (I provided the bumper). He told me he'd see me in about a year. Apparently I've used the clay bar a little too much. Said I had taken off almost all the clearcoat! Needless to say I haven't used the clay bar in a while.