Paint Bumpers And Fenders...or Whole Thing?

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  1. I completely agree. I am now leaning back toward trying it myself. My biggest investment would be the compressor. I would like to get by with just getting a 2 hp 60 gallon that puts out 8.3 cfm @ 40psi. I think i could get by with that. Also, I am keeping original color. Minimal body work needed and would like the knowledge/experience. This is my first restoration and am really enjoying it. I read a book I bought off amazon regarding auto paiting and now have a dvd in the mail. Havent made up my mind but appreciate all the feedback.
  2. 8.3 SCFM @ 40 psi would be great for an FLG4 gun or for a few bucks more a Tekna :nice:
  3. I am doing all the bodywork myself and having it painted at a friends shop I figure to save a lot getting it straight for paint
  4. I am so swamped with other projects now and havent had the time/money to invest in the compressor upgrade. But my dirvers side ground effects were driving me nuts. Time and some overzealous buffing left some primer and even yellow plasctic spots showing through. As a quick fix i went to and must admit i am pretty impressed. I took the pieces off the car and washed them down.. Then wet sanded and washed with soap and water again. The prep sol and tacked. Finally 3 coats of base and 4 coats clear. It came out better then I expected and was a good learing experience. Defintiely worth the small time and money investment.