Paint Color For My 86 Gt

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  1. I am block sanding my car down right now. I have not decided on a paint color. I am open to ideas. I am thinking of doing a his and hers same paint job on our 86's. Mine a hatch wifes a t-top hatch. Same grey GT interiors. I like the new Sterling grey and the deep impact blue. Like I said I'm open to ideas. Post pics of your favorite paint jobs on fox body's please.
  2. Regatta Blue

    Oh I will have one, one day
  3. I like the side moldings being painted, finally got mine done. That would look good on yours IMO.
  4. Side moldings body color?

    I did that when I painted my car viper blue. I ended up taping the car off after 5 years and repainting them black. I like the paint being broken up a bit.
  5. So Regatta Blue like this?

    That would be very similary to how my car would look minus the sunroof.

    My car was actually light Regatta Blue from the factory I think.
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  6. I love 86 in RB!

    some 98 cobra wheels, done!
  7. Wife Vetto'd RB. She doesn't like it. Maybe a darker blue.
  8. Not a fox but viper blue image.jpg
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  9. Yah my car is painted viper blue right now. It's the color I am block sanding off. The car looked great that color but it has been that color for 8 ish years now. I was thinking of changing it up. It is a very beautiful color though.
  10. Black would be nice like this I just dont know if I can get all the imperfections out of the car so that it can be black.
  11. My next Mustang will be Kona Blue..

    sirdrums-albums-2010-kona-blue-mustang-gt-picture33523-sigstang.jpg g
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  12. I think I want to go with a modern color to help update the 86. The kona blue is beautiful as well.
  13. Maybe not different enough from your Viper Blue, but I always loved my Sapphire Blue Mustang. Has a purple hue to it.

  14. Sapphire blue does look good
  15. O
    Once you go black.....
  16. Dark shadow grey

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  17. HAHA
  18. A guy posted this Mustang. It's almost exactly what I imagine my car looking like. My only issue is I have a buddy with a grey 72 cuda and a bro-inlaw with a grey 68 dart. 8a6f.jpg

    Those are my rims and everything. Gauges on cowl panel.

    I would want black body molding and sail panels. Right now I don't have my spoiler on my car. I could put it back on though. I always wanted a 93 cobra wing.
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  19. Your buddy and bro-in-law have completely different cars so I wouldnt worry so much about that. I understand where you are coming from though, I purposely didnt buy a silver painted Harley because my brother had one, but those all look very similar. In the end, if its what you wanted, then do it and dont worry about anyone else. I think it looks damn good.
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  20. I know one thing for sure....If I paint it grey I won't have to take black and whites like this wishing the car was grey.

    LEGAL this was on a closed course somewhere in mexico!