Paint Color For My 86 Gt

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  1. looks like they are 18x8.5's and 18x10's. CCW says 2700 for the rims and 150 for centers. So tempting.
  2. Instant weight reduction and increased cooling. :eek: Did you have hood pins AND do you have vinyl seat covers? If not, I am getting some before I go on the Sandhills open road challenge.
  3. If mullets are out, so are rear window louvers that buzz with the sub woofers.:ot::hide:
  4. This so funny. You have the gray color that I plan to paint and you're thinking about going away from it.... I guess it is the old been-there-done-that.:)

    I have been all over the charts thinking about color too. The problem, IMO, is these foxes don't just look great in any color. I was looking at "silver for a while, but I noticed that it appears to exaggerate all the panel seams, especially where the front bumper cover to fender meet; as does most other lighter colors.

    One of your pics looks like an 87+ and not an 86; wondering if the grays on both are the same code?

    Like another put it, maybe painting your moldings will freshin things up for you. I plan to paint mine on the 86GT vert. In addition I will body color the front widow framing. My son likes the black belt molding, but then he's only 17, :baby: what does he know, lol. Probably the same things the original Ford molding designer did...
  5. I like all the trim and molding black not body color. I'm with your son.
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  6. LOL My wifes 86 T-Top has 2 12 inch subs and louvers.
  7. I picked up 2 tenths of a second once the hood was off. I think I wasn't getting enough air to the motor. I have quite the drop filter so that the 351w fit under that cowl hood. I think it was hurting me.