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  1. Well I've had her 2 weeks yesterday and I have paint chipping off the car in 2 spots so far. It looks like it's been sandblasted, but it's only been to the car wash twice. And not the drive through car wash, the get out and do it yourself kind. There's one spot on the hood and 3 spots right behind the driver door. Noticed it today when I got it home and started drying the car. My salesman said bring it to service monday morning and not to tell them that I've taken it to the car wash. Sad that you would have to lie about something so stupid to get repair work done under warranty. :notnice:
  2. That's messed up. You shouldn't have to lie to get warranty work done. Hope you get it fixed right.
  3. You didnt use the pressure sprayer at the car wash did you? Man that will screw up paint every time.
    Makes you want to go get it clearcoated about four coats. :)
  4. I do but I'm always careful with any car I use it on. I usually stand 3 feet away so its more of a wide spray. The car was only dusty so there was no reason to be up close trying to spray gunk off.

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  5. That sucks. I am sure they will fix it regardless. Ford definitely needs to step things up in the paint department. I owned a VW previous to the mustang, and the paint on the VW was impenetrable. The mustang, on the other hand, will scratch if I so much as sneeze in its direction. I always run a high level of wax on the thing to keep it protected, but I would prefer a better paint job. I love the color, I just want thicker paint and more clear coats. (I dont even know if mine has a clear coat) The very last thing on the mod list is to take it into a paint shop and get the paint re-sprayed thicker.
  6. I haven't used a water and hose in the last three years on my Stang...I use Eagle's Wipe and Shine (and Prolong's Waterless Wash and shine for the lower portions/wheels) to keep mine looking good. But you have to do it at least 3 times a week.
  7. you have to watch out with new cars like that .. We just started Accords at the plant and we have all sorts of little pain issues ...
  8. there a "break in" for paint or what?? This seems a little ridiculous. No car I've ever owned, new or used, ever had an issue with this because of taking it to the car wash. I'm a little disappointed now, and crossing my fingers the dealership makes it right without me having to twist their arm into it. With the American auto business the way it is, the last thing you think they'd want is a 2 week old car driving around with paint chipping off.
  9. No Im not saying that at all/// Im just saying new cars you will get that .. we will go through the same thing when we go over to the 2010... the robots have to learn new programming and new paints dont do as well for a while ...still everything should be fixed before it leaves the plant ..
  10. You shouldn't have a problem going through a car wash. I have used the "no touch" high pressure car washes on all of my daily driver work vehicles throughout the years (VW, Ford, Nissan, Mazda, & Subaru) and never had paint chip and/or peel from a high pressure wash.
  11. Well they don't want to warranty it, shock. They wanted to tell me it was rock chips even after I told them it happened while I was washing it, not to mention there is no dent or impact from anything.

    They took pictures and are going to send them off so I get to wait a few more days.
  12. This same thing happened to my baby!! I have little specs of chipped off paint all over my hood and i had no idea where it was coming from. :(
  13. Sorry to hear this. Do you have any pics of the damage?
  14. Here's a pic, it's the best I could do with the color and the lighting. This is the spot behind the driver's door, there are two more spots with the same thing on the hood. Went back and spoke to the GM, he wants to cut me a deal on getting it fixed. Lame.
  15. There is. I was told in the past that the paint really takes about one year to fully cure once the car has been sprayed. In the first year you own the car you should ONLY hand wash the car with a very mild soap and NOT wax it.
    Waxing prevents the clear from drying on the surface of the paint causing it to flake off later on.
  16. I think that only applies to aftermarket finishes.

    Here is a quote from Meguiars website:

    A new car with a factory paint job can be waxed the moment it is rolled out of the manufacturing plant. Cars that have factory paint jobs are cured at much higher temperatures, sometimes as high as 300 degrees in special baking ovens. At a factory level, the car goes through the painting and baking process without any of the rubber, plastic, and cloth components installed. This is why they can expose the car and it's fresh paint to such high temperatures. These high temperatures and special paints used at the factory level insures the paint is fully cured by the time the car is completely assembled.

    After-market paint finishes however, are cured at a much lower temperature to ensure the method of baking or heating the paint doesn't melt non-metal components such as wiring and vinyl. For this reason, it's best to follow the specific paint manufactures recommendations for care and maintenance of fresh paint. Most paint manufactures that supply paint to the refinish industry recommend that you allow anywhere from 30 to 90 days curing time after the paint is applied before you apply the first application of wax.
  17. I know some people here in LA (that have endless cash) that get their new Mustangs repainted by a pro shop the first month of owning them. Crazy, but damn, the cars look SO MUCH better with a proper paint job.

    "Alloy" especially looks about a 1000 times better when done by a pro shop.
  18. Wow, that's interesting. I can't say I've ever seen anything like that, at least being caused by a power washer.

    Hope things work out for ya.
  19. Thats a honda though. :notnice:
  20. Honda specs are a lot tighter than any of the Big 3..:D