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  1. Orange peel is bad all over. My 02 SS looks great.... If you know what your looking for though you arent happy will all the orange peel..... Ive seen cars with horrible orange peel and the driver seems to think the Car looks amazing... To each his own...ignorance is bliss lol
  2. I have restored and painted a couple of antique fabric aircraft and always wet sanded the primer a couple of times before I put on the finish coat. This made for a very smooth, slick finish.

    What you are seeing is not orange peel in the classic sense but factory application of the base primer without any hand sanding and multiple coats. The one time shot of factory primer will never be as smooth as a custom job.

    However, you can get your factory finish to look a little better with careful, proper polishing of the clearcoat. The mustang is an inexpensive car and I think the finish is satisfactory for the price we are paying.

    Also if someone is unhappy with the paint job you should be able to tell that at the Dealer before bringing the car home. If you don't like it don't buy it.

    I love mine but I am probably the exception.


  3. Took it back today to get the minor things buffed out. One was no problem, the other is a "paint dib" and basically it's so small one can't tell it's there. I know it's there because I'm picky and I just know, but I told them I'd think about it for a few days. Not too sure I want them to break the surface again to respray it again considering they were already having trouble matching the paint last time, so the GM told me if I decided to leave it as is they would make my next car payment for me. :cool:
  4. ^^^^ You got a great GM and you need to contact his boss and make sure they know it. Hes gone to alot of trouble to make sure you are 100% satisfied with his service. Good stuff man.
  5. Yea man I definintely planned on letting someone know, he's been really great and even today even the old man in the back was kissing my ass all morning so they've definitely stepped it up to make me a happy customer. :nice:
  6. Good luck with that, up until about the mid-2000's or so GM has made some of the most notoriously unsafe contemporary cars out there, Ford has had some flubs as well.

    That's cool you're a fan of the brands you drive, but I think Honda and co.'s track records speak for themselves right now. Out the the Big 3, IMO Ford is the only one that gains my respect as a Company, as they obviously know what they're doing enough to keep themselves afloat.... Of course even they have had some catching up to do, but I think they've pretty much got it down. GM is trying hard, and I bought the new Malibu to reward that (well I bought it because it was the best car for what I was looking for), but even it has some catching up to do to get to the Japanese competition.... Albeit the margin has been narrowed.

    To O/P, glad it worked out for you. Looks like they did everything they could to get you to never support them again, then they redeemed themselves by doing everything they could to get you back. IMO you should stay with 'em. :)
  7. You must've had better luck with VW paint than I had. I'd wind up with bird crap on my car, clean it off when I'd get home from work, and there were more than a few "light spots" in the paint from it. My VW was Tornado Red.

    The WORST paint I've EVER been in contact with has been Subaru paint. I swear that you could literally wash the paint off the car. It is the absolute pits. Every time I go to wash that stupid car, I find unexplained scratches in the paint. :shrug:

    This thread makes me wonder if I should get a lighter colored Mustang...
  8. When i purchased my vehicle there were little spots where there were circles of like a gray and there is deffinitly a spot where a bird **** on the car and the dealership never cleaned it properly because i can still see the spot. SInce i got my new exhaust put on i wonder if i can get the paint under warranty or will the warranty on my paint be voided because of it
  9. You shouldn't have a problem getting a paint problem fixed under warranty because of an exhaust. An exhaust has nothing to do with the paint.

    Familiarize yourself with the Magnussen-Moss Act. ;)
  10. Unless of course the dealership can prove his exhause blew his paint off lol :D
  11. Well, considering how fast Mustangs are, it's very, very possible. :rlaugh: