Paint, on a budget

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  1. 99 Mustang

    Ok - So i bought my mustang from an angry wife for a very good price. Before she decided to sell it, she keyed it very effectively. The car is nice shape, but every panel has key marks through it. What are my options for getting the car repainted? Is something like MAACO able to fix'er up? The body shops are all quoting 3500 or more, and I am just not that committed to getting it repainted.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Can you take a few photos and post them here? I'd be interested to see how bad these marks are all over. $3500 is very steep. Unless you are getting a pro paint job. If the paint in itself is in decent shape, they may be able just to clean up the keyed areas even..
  3. yeah i'm in agreence with MustangLX-5.0, and never use maaco, they might be cheap but thats what you'll get, i've heard after a couple months their paint will start to fade real bad and then your in for another paint job, i've had estimates on my car from private body shops for $1500 but its all up to where you live and who your dealing with