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  1. lol i figured since you all saw how i got ripped at midas lol & told me to confront ya on stuff.... my question is lol should i get my car painted at maaco? lol has anyone had a horror from there, please tell me before i go for it lol.

    && my next question was do you think it would be gay to put side exhaust on my mustang? i got SLP mufflers to put on it & idk how i want to put them on i was considering side exhaust but i still don know... any ideas?
  2. It's a GT right? Might look kinda dumb with side exhaust. I dunno. I'm not a fan of side exhaust on any Fox, really.

    I don't know if Maaco is good or bad but please... just... please... spare your car the Earl Sheib special.

    Oh, yeah, &&... lol :shrug:

  3. Maaco can be fine. I've had cars painted there. I'd recommend disassembing the car your self. Take out the headlamps, taillamps, etc. Just don't go for the bottom of the line paint job. The middle of the line paints they have have an intergrated clear coat but I'd suggest that you pay to have another clear put on top & pay them to nib sand & polish. I think I paid just under $1000 for my last paint job there.
  4. they were giving me a sanding & stuff for it && clear coats...
    u think i should take the lamps out, why they do that bad of a job lol? i got these horriable irradecent flames on the hood lol they have to go away thats why im painting it lol
  5. I wouldnt go to maaco, but since your in jersey i can tell you a good place to go. The guy is in pa not to far from where you are, he does a damn good job and i recomended him to another member on this site who took my advice and went to the shop, had his notch painted there and was very happy and had nothing but good things to say about the guy. Maxthehooker was the other member , here is a link to his thread. The name of the place
    Jack Schmidt's Auto Body
    613 Bath St, Bristol, PA
    (215) 785-5776

    here's the other thread, i cant recomend this guy enough he did 2 of my others friends cars.
  6. You get what you pay for when it comes to paint and body work.

    Most of it is labor if you aren't paying much, the guy working on the car isn't going to go the extra mile if oyu know what I mean.
  7. Macco won't remove the lamps & trim unless you pay them extra to do it. That's one of te wasys they keep their cost down. They'll just mask off the lamps & trim. Even with the best msker on the planet, you will most likely get some overspray on them if you don't take them out.
  8. Look at Mansonozz's car on here. I belive he had his painted at Macco & his car's been on magazine covers:D
  9. my car looks pretty good paint wise but when i bought the car it had theese irradecent like camelion changin flames on the hood & its almost embarrassing to drive lol but like atleast in a crowded parking lot i know which 5.0 is mine lol haha but anyway i just want some nice paint on it so it looks sexy because unfortunately im going to sell my baby :(
  10. :eek: Why?
  11. Maaco sucks. My fiancee had her CRV done there and got the top package. Within a year, the whole roof was cracking. After looking at pictures of Black87TTop's guy's work on Max's car, I know that looks good. My car looks exactly the same as it did when it came out of the body shop 1 year ago. However, they did a pretty intense job.
    I think I ended up a little over 3000. If I were selling the car I would never put that kind of money in.

  12. i want a notch really really bad
  13. Valid response.
  14. However, for what it costs you to get a notch over your hatch, you could prob do a hci combo on your car. Nothing like the sound of a hot cam in your car.
  15. foxes can look great with side exhaust
    plus it is different
    this is one of the sexiest foxes I have ever seen
  16. I didn't know it was legal to sell babies... :D

    Honestly, unless the paintjob was done very terribly or it's deteriorating or something, and you're planning on selling the car anyhow, just save yourself the money and sell it as-is. Someone out there might find those flames to be a major selling point (probably a young guy, 18-21). Besides, either way, you'd be throwing money away in doing so. Thing about selling cars, you almost NEVER get back anywhere near the amount of money that you put into them ... unless you're like me and deal with beaters that are $1,500 or less, and you do all of your own work... :)

    Besides ... you just wasted over a grand on getting the exhaust redone, and now you're gonna turn around and sell it? WTF? Are you really that rich? ... or do you just like to spend money? :shrug: Not trying to be insulting, just pointing out that you're going to be taking a loss right there on that when you go to sell it. About 95% of the time, you can't throw $1,000 worth of parts/labor onto a $3,000 car and expect that someone will buy the car for $4,000.

    If anything, I'd do something about those quarter-window mouldings, maybe mask things off and spray 'em or hand-paint 'em or something, but otherwise, that GT looks damned nice as it sits. Personally, as much as I love notches, I'd just keep that GT and beef it up a bit. If it's the tailpipes you don't like, you could always get a Cobra rear bumper and then throw on an LX cat-back with some stainless tails.

    Side-exits ... don't do it. I've done it on Foxes, myself ... TWICE. It sucked both times. I have pics, and I think there's still a video of it up on my Myspace, but I'd strongly recommend against doing it. Why? Because...

    1. Your car's ground clearance sucks, already, and any side-exit exhaust is only going to make matters worse;
    2. Your direct-fit options are limited to same-side inlet/outlet Dynomax mufflers (part #37676, around $60 apiece) which is cheap but sounds like an old pickup truck, or an absurdly expensive Spintech cat-back setup. Custom-fabbing pipes to do a 180* turn after the muffs and then another 90* turn out to the sides, just to use any other brand of muffler, is not only more restrictive than stock tails, but it looks like crap and adds even more to the cost for having a shop bend up the tubing (which, as you recently found out the hard way, doesn't always turn out so great);
    3. It looks weird no matter how you do it;
    4. Sitting at stoplights = fumes start rolling into your interior and gag you;
    5. The experience of having the exhaust noise right outside your door is cool for about 30 minutes - after that, it gets frickin' annoying as all hell, no matter what brand of muffler you use.

    Again, trust me, I've done it twice and wound up hating it both times. Never doing it again. :nono: Maybe on a bigger car like a Panther or a truck, something where I could put more distance between my ears and the exhaust outlets, but otherwise, never again.
  17. GOOD ANSWER! Hope you find one! :nice:
  18. That GT hatch is sexy!!!

    I agree with paint... you get what you pay for unless you know people or do your own work.
  19. i got my car back =] && my paint looks amazing & there is no orange peel!!! yay haha just thought i would let you guys know hehe && i got my exhaust done too its real smalll but pretty sounding ha --- it sounds manly lol its got the SLP's on it now & its like orgasmic just thought i'd tell ya
  20. Oops ... you only put one "&" between "now" and "its." You've gotta be consistent with that "and-and" thing, y'know. :rlaugh:
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