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  1. i thought we would drive around then park do nails then gossip till they dried and then go look for hot guys in mustangs lol pffft & i drive better then most men out in my area pfft not only can i drive in my lane better & not cause accidents but i can drive a stick better then most of em
  2. well drive stick..... Ill just leave that alone for now..

    Umm yeah im sure you can , I didn't say you, i just said females in genral. dont get your undies in a bunch.
  3. pfft don make me drive out to east bumble*** to kick yer ass lol & show u how ta drive stick like a pro
  4. geez you jersey girls are pretty rough!!!

    but My mustang can Kill Your mustang :)

    my dad probably cant beat your dad up though
  5. wanna bet? i got a hundred on yer dad
  6. bet on what mustangs or dads :shrug:

    I live in snow MN so my mustang only gets turned on for the one week out of the year when its not frozed up here
  7. i bet on your father beating mine up lol
  8. Ohh
    well I going to make dinner so the old lady doesnt beat me
    you've found the right place to look for help for the mustang there's a bunch of people who know alot on here, theres also a bunch that are complete ass clowns so you seem like you have pretty good judgement.

    C ya
  9. Damn when I left the out door for work this was only two pages?! lol
  10. Hell, I left this thread about two hours ago when it was at Page 2, and now we're on ... what, EIGHT pages of a thread between two people? :nonono:

    PM's are a wonderful thing.
  11. Much like teh neverending thread :rolleyes:
  12. I was wondering why this thread went 5 pages in such a short period of time.

    Then i realized it was 5 pages of leghumping

    View attachment 323888

  13. +1 :lock:

    The Neverending Thread has more than 2 people in it, and we're not all trying to e-hump each other ... well, except for maybe GTO trying to e-hump Frankenstang... :D
  14. Someone forgot to take her pms pills this morning. :rolleyes:

    :lock: the thread again. It was getting far too long and pointless anyhow.
  15. your still posting in here cant be too lame...
  16. WTF where did this chick come from? and no one bothered to tell me??

  17. what does that mean?
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