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  1. I almost fit those qualifications. :(
  2. so what did u have for din din
  3. In my house im the woman so im cooking pasta with shrimp and a butter lemon sauce .

    how bout you ?
  4. well my dad does the cooking so i sit on my ass on stangnet & drink beers lol && wen yer done bring some ova for me k?
  5. k, but it will be rotten by the time i get there , kinda like strype's cobb salad with rats..

    your not old enought to drink beer, but i wont tell anyone
  6. i can drink at some bars bc they dont id lol but i drink at home like a real bad-ass
  7. but if u brought me the food it'd be the thought that counts
  8. yeah once you turn 21 its even more fun, then its all down hill after that :(
  9. trueeee lol but oh well i got my stang
  10. just wait till all these mustang guru's log on here to look at all the sweet pix of your stang and then end up reading 5 pages of jibberish,

    what else have you done to your stang?

  11. Rallys,

    I had teh cheezebuger sammich and teh fryz...........
  12. just my slps and a pretty tach lol & paint hehe

    im puttin a new steering cloumn in it so i have tilt but i got kn air filt/oil filt on it & thats it 4 now
  13. wtf is a rallys
  14. why do you want the tilt?

    HI 5.o how was you Chezz burger, wifey cook it good, or do you have to beat her later?
  15. it sits to high so i gotta sit in a weird way & the seat has that "detroit lean" to it lol so yeah i want tilt
  16. I assume you have the black and grey interior, If you find a set of seats from a 95-2004 stang you can put them in, they bolt right up, you can pm for wiring details if you get a power seat, but they sit you about 1-2" higher in the car which is quite nice. IDK it worked good for me, black seats are usually around 250$ for the pair or more, but ive seen grey ones for as low as 100$ for the pair.

    and then your ride wont look so gehtto when were painting nails
  17. lol really idk that would work ill try it
  18. yeah and if you find power seats then you really wont have a problem b/c you can move them all around.

    because a girl definatly needs an airbag
  19. lol why is that
  20. because females usually have more chance of being in an accident, Your the one who suggested painting nails while driving.....
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