Paint request: Dark charcoal gray colors

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  1. I'm looking for a paint color...something like dark shadow gray but almost black but not quite black. Doesn't have to be a Mustang but i would really like some accompanying paint codes or at least a year/make/model so i can look it up.
  2. does this count as dark?

  3. What color is that? It's a great color and it is really close to the color I painted mine in back in 05'. Color is called gun metal great with some pearl.

    To the OP
    I will post a close up pic and I can even give you the paint code.
  4. its a dark obsidian gray metallic, with just alot of clear, it looks like a completely different color at night, morning, evening, and direct sunlight, makes it really stand out
  5. That's good but i'm looking for more of a blackish shade of grey than a silver shade if that makes sense.
  6. A buddy of mine has a Tahoe in this gray metallic color that is really dark. It looks really good. This is about the best pic I can find of that color.

  7. Here is a pic of my 2003 Chevy Silverado. The color is called "Dark Charcoal Metallic" and i am seriously considering painting my fox this color... most people just think that its just black metallic

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  8. I wonder if it is the same color as my buddy's Tahoe. I think his 'Hoe is a 2003.
  9. Here is one of mine it is almost black. It is a ford color called alloy.

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