"Paint your car for 50 bucks" I am going to try it.

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  1. Shots of the primer being put on, still using rustoleum white bare metal primer.

    Check out the hillbilly paint booth :D


    Picture of the primer drying, looks glossy but dries to a dull finish. I hope its a preview of what the red is going to look when when I spray it.


    Trunk looks awesome for just primer, a bit of sanding dust (the primer is dry btw)

    Going to go over a few more rough spots then start spraying red. I am pretty convinced this is going to turn out decent.

    Oh, and those pictures are only of the first coat of primer, and my first time using an HVLP spray gun.

    And the top is vinyl, in case you are wondering why its all covered up
  2. Now I am depressed.
    Your project is going to go 10X faster than mine.

    But, the baby will be here in a few weeks. Can't spend money on paint guns and compressor.
  3. But you can say you rolled yours on with a roller, while people will tell me "why didn't you just get the real paint and do it"

  4. I was looking for cheap HVLP guns on Harbor Freight, and decided to search the forums for experiences with them. I ran across this thread on using Harbor Freight's turbine self-contained HVLP sprayer for $50. Sounds like a decent thing to experiment with since I'm just going satin or flat black. At least my compressor won't shake up the whole block while I'm spraying.
  5. Another Update: http://www.bryanswebpage.com/50DollarPaint/

    This is going very well. I am totally a believer at this point. I would recommend to anyone if you are hurting for money and want paint, I would go this route before trying Maaco or Earl Sheib. It is time consuming, but I am only $35 into this project and the results are better than the Maaco paint job that was previously on the car.

  6. Very nice! I am thinking about going outside and puttin on a coat of red, but its just so dang hot :notnice:
  7. New Update - Front end almost done

    Well, I am nearly complete w/ the painting of the front end. I changed from the Sunrise red to the Regal red so it would look less orange in the light.

    The update is on the day 3 link at: http://www.bryanswebpage.com/50DollarPaint/

    <img width="800" src="http://www.bryanswebpage.com/50DollarPaint/Car/PaintingTheCarDay3_files/image007.jpg">
  8. So I could use some input from anyone here. I contacted rickwrench from his coraire experiment but don;t have a response yet.

    I am done w/ the front, and I am going to add racing stripes w/ the rustoleum spray paint.

    He wet sanded and then sprayed on his stripes. My paint looks pretty awesome and I don;t want to touch it. I would like to just spray on the stripes.

    Can anyone think of why i might want to sand before applying stripes? I assume that paint will stick to a fresh coat of paint as well as a sanded one but thought I would ask the forum.

  9. You need to sand it lightly to give the paint something to bite to. If you don't, as a previous person posted, it won't stick properly. Wet sand method should be good enough for your stripes.
  10. Updated Day 4 link

    Updated my progress. I am getting fantastic results. Follow the link below and go to the Day Four link for the latest and greatest:

    Sample of my results so far:
  11. Man it looks awesome.
  12. Thanks for documenting your effort. Good job, mate!
  13. New Updates

    Added new updates to my page. I have started on the rest of the car. I predict I will be done in 2 more weekends. I added a video to the site so you can get an idea of the results. I am getting a lot of strange looks from the neighbors as I am rolling on the paint but two of them have come out now and said they would not believe it if they haven;t seen it. They still agree that I am crazy to have attempted this without having seen another car done this way.

    The new updates are on the "Day Five" link.

    <img height=400 src="http://www.bryanswebpage.com/50DollarPaint/Car/PaintingTheCarDay5_files/image001.jpg">
  14. Awesome job!

    Bryan, that is an awesome job! Great job of documentation as well.

    I'm excited to try this on the '73 superbeetle :D

    Thanks for sharing your experience :nice:
  15. if you have a compressor and paint gun..why on earth are you rolling the paint?
  16. I dont have a compressor or paint gun.
  17. LOL...was that spray can?

    If you had a way of getting your car to my house, I have a paint gun and compressor :D I live in Southlake.
  18. back in the thirties and forties, there was one kind of paint used on cars; enamel. the only difference between the cars from those days whose factory finishes often remain intact today, and the cars you now paint with rustoleum is that rustoleum is a synthetic enamel. it has the same properties as the natural based enamel but with a different production process, which to any would-be painter means nothing. I painted a trailer in '95 with white rustoleum and it still today retains a higher gloss than my metallic green mustang which I painted 2 summers ago. why is this? sunfading occurs when the aluminum flakes in your metallic paint start to deteriorate due to their absorbtion of uv rays. dark colored cars are also prone. stick with gray or white non metallic, 50/50 laquer thinner: paint. some elbow grease and a few days later you'll have a paint job that will last for years, and look quite decent. pointer: on the vertical surfaces try a synthetic bristle brush instead of a roller, that way you can control the paint flow, therefore controlling orange peel, it will take more coats but it's worth the headache of torrential orange peel.

  19. I looked at your day 5 page and I have a little tip for you . When you are wet sanding ,keep a water hose on it running ,this will wash the sanding dust off and when you are done sanding ,wash the car with Dawn and water ,let it dry and you can go ahead and start tapeing ,no need to wipe it off ,the Dawn will clean it good. :D :nice:

    BTW I paint for a living . Good job