"Paint your car for 50 bucks" I am going to try it.

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  1. Nearly Complete

    Well, I have almost finished my paint job and I have uploaded the results to the day 6 link on the following page:


    I would have had this project complete sooner but My wife gave birth to our first child last Thursday. We had a baby boy "Jack Bryan Turner" 6 pounds 7 ounces. Whooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. congrats!
  3. Congrats, Pops :D

    Oh, and the car looks great too :nice:
  4. Congrats! Thats a cute kiddo right there
  5. Congratulations on the birth of your first child. He's sure got a lot of hair. Another generation of Mustang enthusiast.

    By the way the car looks great.
  6. Congrats. Just think, sixteen years from now that little baby boy will be looking at you through his unkempt hair and wearing some obscure rock band T-shirt. With pleading eyes, and a sentence that starts with an 'Um, Dad...' he'll ask to borrow the stang for his first date.

    Good times, good times.
  7. Last Update on this. Project Complete!

    I finished painting the mustang w/ the "$50 roller" method.

    I ended up spending a grand total of around $102.00 and the results are surprising. There are minor flaws here and there mostly due to my impatience, and the fact that I did no body work. Other than that, the paint itself came out perfect.

    Here is the link to the new website with the details, as well as a DVD I am shamelessly selling of the whole process :)

    The gallery link has the final results.

    My Review:
    I am very satisfied with the results, I am thrilled w/ the cost. I think this is a project anyone could do. It is very easy, it is just time consuming and you get sore after awhile. Frankly, it was fun to do and I like that I can work the paint in the future when needed and I get to take pride in the paint. These wouldn't really be options if I paid someone to do it.

    Additionally, I like telling people how I did this and the most common response is "BS Dude"
  8. Congrats on both achievements! Sealer question as well.

    You did an amazing job (on both projects!) :) and I'm sure your wife is happy at the cost of the paint job. Great way to balance your family life and your mustang project.

    Got a couple of questions - I'm thinking of using the same color and method you did to paint my new front valance (old one is mangled) and if it is slightly off in color, shouldn't be a big deal - it's just a front valance. Did you do any sort of sealer before you painted? I've heard it makes the red "pop" more. Also, it looks like the red you used is a good match for Candy Apple - what do you think, will it match this? (I know, I know, my door doesn't even match my fender :nonono:

  9. tough to say.

    Your door looks like a dead on match with the regal red.

    Rustoleum makes several reds and its hard to go by the label on the can.
    The regal red looks brown on the can and it turned out perfect for the red I was looking for.

    The sunrise red is tricky. It looks a lot like your front fender but once brought into sunlight, it almost has orange appearance but it is close.

    I think the color that would most match your fender shown in the picture is their "gloss Carnival Red."

    Might be worth getting a couple of the tiny cans and try mixing different ratios and see if you can get really close.
  10. and also, no I didn't use any primers or sealers, I just painted over the original paint.

    But this is a good point. It is plausible that the original paint color affected the top coats. You might get a much lighter red that pops if you rolled it on over lighter primer.
  11. Read through this thread and the one on the VW Forum, and there are a couple of questions that I never saw definitively answered:

    Is there a "metallic" (as opposed to a solid color) paint that will flow through an HVLP gun - preferably one of the "turbine" type guns?

    How about clear-coats?

    At some point in time; the XR-7 is gonna need paint; and for some stupid reason (really stupid, considering where I live), I'd like to keep it as close as possible to the "Ginger Metallic" that it wears now.

    I don't have a lot of spare time; but I have more of that than "spare money", which comes out of my beer and pretzels account :p

    EDIT: BTW, I'm not making this a trailer queen. It will be a DD first car for my 17-yr-old daughter; then whatever is left of it will become my "mid-life crisis" project. A 20-foot paint job will be sufficient.
  12. The paint looks really good, Bryan. Congrats! I 've been following your progress on the web page, and I'm impressed.

    And, even bigger congrats on the little guy! Oh, how you're life will change . . . and that's a good thing! :nice:

  13. Not sure about the metallics. They might have them in the brightside brand paints (someone can feel free to jump in here and correct me) I THINK Rustoleum is just solid colors. You can verify on their website. I doubt they make a clear coat. I didn't use one. The paint is really glossy and reflective as is so it is really not needed.
  14. HAHAHA
    I already made a deal with him that if he will let me get just one good night's sleep this week, he can have the car :)
  15. Going with rattle-can Regal Red


    •It's an out-of-sight front valance
    •It's not a long-term paint job
    •I can always try the roller method later

    I'm going with rattle-can Rustoleum Regal Red to match. I'll post pics here. I have to read up on the best application and/or sanding methods for rattle-can. Any way to clearcoat? I did see a clearcoat in a can - Home Depot - next to the rattle can rustoleum. I went with standard, not Painter's. My red is nominally Candy Apple, though non-original.

  16. Primered the inside, gonna paint that first to see if it matches

    got the rattle-can primer on, I'm trying the white primer underneath - the valance came from NPD coated in black primer with the nastiest foam self-adhesive padding on some of the edges that took a lot of elbow grease and kerosene to get off. I'm putting the primer on the inside of the valance, white to make the red a little brighter and "pop" more to hopefully match the rest of my car. Then if the invisible part matches, I'll go ahead with the outside. Currently waiting for primer to dry - says about 48 hours on the can.

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  17. What a beautiful boy. Now the fun really begins!
  18. Car Craft has an article this month listing some online automotive site who sells synthetic enamel for about $35 a gallon. They claim it's roughly what Macco uses for it's entry level paint jobs.
  19. Rattle Can Regal Red Front Valance Panel Project = success!!

    Hey all,
    Finally got around to getting the car out on a nice day and getting some pics. The car's base paint is, I'm 90% sure, a PPG Candy Apple Red or similar variant. My front valance was mangled at some point while the car was in my parents' care for about a decade. Ordered up a new front spoiler/splitter and lo and behold, no way to match it to the mangled valance. New valance only $60, so why not just order it brand new? This thread and the Mopar forum inspired me to save the $ painting it, and that Rustoleum could yield some pretty good results. I figured rattle can Regal Red would be fine for a valance = it's out of sight.
    Check out the results and tell me what you think. Last paint job is 18 years old, so I figure I did a decent job of matching it. And saved a ton! I tried the inside with white primer, ended up too light. The valance already had a dark primer on it so I did the outside over the coating it shipped from NPD with.
    The valance is now actually lighter than the body, but it's hard to tell. Especially since it's in the shadows and has a black spoiler attached.

  20. Looks great.
    From the pics, it looks like it matches too.