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    thats my car stocki need that paint i know i can get it from the ford dealer is their n e where on line n e one knows of where i can get it as well...? and how much u think it is
  2. :scratch: :shrug: nope I have no idea what you are saying.
  3. Ze wey u r zpeaking ju mey haf tu vinger peint. :D

    Just kidding, I'm sure the dealer would be the easiest place to go, but it will cost you more to get that paint than to simply buy some primer and a new color and go at it.
  4. i wanna keep it the same color
  5. http://www.paintscratch.com/ will work if you just want touch up paint...they do sell gallons but it ain't cheap.

    If you want to repaint the whole car then any automotive paint store can hook you up...you just look up the paint code and they mix it up for you. Heck, even Napa can do that (though the paint isn't the best).

    Prices will vary, I had 48 dollars in my supplies when I painted my car...I will say it will cost you ~250 for paint, primer, and small supplies.

  6. thansk man apreciate it