Painted Steering Wheel N Shift Knob

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  1. Thought I'd post in case others thought of it. Fairly simple although the rusto cans say no clog...yeah right. After about 3 sprays with time in between, they start clogging so remove the spray button and rinse it with thinner. I like rustoleum spray on plastic, no need for primer and holds up well. Haven't done parts like this that will have my hands on em regularly so time will tell.

    Steering wheel spokes come off pretty hard but basically pry up on the outside edge (outside referring to outer edge of wheel) after you remove the horn/airbag center. Cruise etc buttons pop out easy as one piece. I taped n sprayed the red, then hand painted the thin line around it black after the red dried for a week. That way you can be messy and wipe the line as you paint to remove any black that is out of the recessed groove. I removed the center pony emblem, cut the ribs out to make the center flat and attached the GT decal with 3m tape, more on one side. The airbag deploys and splits the center from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock. The tape takes up some space and hopefully the side with less will let loose in the event of airbag deployment.

    The shift handle ring at the bottom pops off after pulling off the black base thing. The top also comes off but the decal or whatever they used pulled apart so some was left on the handle and some was on the to the seatbelt release buttons and other red writing on the dash, it looked so orange I opted for the Rusto red to match. I like it, ymmv View attachment 129506

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  2. I love exterior matching interior accent pieces like this. Nice job on the paint. You better know you're going to love it before you do this, though. There's no going back and new steering wheels are expensive. I'm a stickler for color-matching, though, so unless Rustoleum has OEM Grabber Blue, I'd pass. Though that GT logo instead of the pony looks pretty badass. Where did you get it from?
  3. I agree with you on the no going back. That's why I tried vinyl first, peels off pretty ez. Painted my coil covers and plenum cover with Rustoleum blue cuz it was close to ford blue. It's a little washed out in the picture and imo is pretty darn close to grabber blue. For $5 and a piece of paper, you could check it!
    Making it digital ( is where I got the decal. You get 4 per least I did.

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  4. Decided there was too much silver on the spokes of the wheel so covered outside edges with black.

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  5. gotta do the map lights as well. they add an awesome touch. I think I'm going to use PlastiDip. The Blaze Blue looks pretty close and being able to remove it is enough for me to not be so picky on a pure color match.
  6. That looks sick, nice work. The steering wheel definitely looks better with the black on the edges.
  7. Thanks trueblue!