painting bullit rims black

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  1. This is one of the 1st things i want to have done when my car comes in. What kind of shop would do this sort of work and what are the options? I would like to have the same finish as the anthracite which looks like a semi-gloss but just black instead.

  2. If you do this, they will need to be powder-coated, not just painted. Ford does actually sell a black bullit wheel. You might check into that instead.
    I went the cheap route and painted my wheels black myself.


  3. Where Did You Get Those

    Where Did You Get The Mustang Center Caps? Also See If You Can Make Your Wheels Original Again. Not To Dis You But They Look Too Dry. I Hope My Comment Doesn't Keep You From Telling Me Where You Got The Center Caps.
  4. Cooper: those wheels look PIMP!! GREAT JOB! I ordered my 05 Satin Silver GT with the standard wheels and was thinking of having them painted black or red. What kind of paint did you use and was a pain in the ass to do??
  5. Knight Rider

    I thought Knight Rider was a Trans Am. :lol:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Ford's new spokesperson...Mr. David Hasselhoff!

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  6. You want to paint your rims red? Why on earth???
  7. Yes, everyone has an opinion, but I love the way it turned out. It looks mean. Was it a pain? Yes it was. I took off two wheels at a time (with two jack stands), taped off the tire with duct tape and newspaper, put two coats of industrial spray primer and three coats of industrial flat black spray. (I picked up the spray paint from Lowe's.) I also taped off the top portion of the brakes and did the same to them (Except with red paint). I am by no means a paint pro or car expert. I was just really careful and took my time. It just takes forever for the paint to dry after each coat.
    As for the "dry" look... I preferred it over the shine of a gloss paint. I just spray tire shine on both the tires and wheels and it gives them both a classy-looking glow that lasts for about a week.
    Would I do it again? Yes. In a second. I turn heads left and right. Everyone thinks it is a sleeper.
    The spinner caps... You can find some on ebay, but I just bit the bullet and ordered a set from my Ford parts dept. They were about $90 for the set.

    Feel free to ask more questions or comments. I may not be able to respond quickly as I just picked up your girlfriend. Seems she liked the black wheels. Ha!

  8. I'm game! I think I would like to find a red that matches my crimson leather interior and give it a shot. I agree with you and prefer the flat/matte finish versus shiny. They are SMOKING HOT!

    PS - I'd be your girlfriend anytime :D :)
  9. Yowza! Ok, my tough talk just back-fired. I'm so married. Thanks for the compliment though! :D
  10. the wheels look great StangCooper !
  11. Quick comment about the spinner caps. My wheels came with the spinners when I bought the car. I did notice that the V6's I saw in Florida when I was there a couple of weeks ago, did not have the spinners. I wonder why?? Anybody know? :shrug:
  12. I don't understand the comment, "everyone thinks its a sleeper."
    The point of a sleeper is that no one suspects it to be fast due to its stock appearance. So, a sleeper should in fact look like any other stock appearing car, right?
  13. If you're going to paint rims black, THIS is how it needs to be done.


    Having a polished lip helps distinguish black wheels like this from the el cheapo black steel wheels that you see the poorer ricers have mounted on their cars (i.e., they just removed/lost their hubcaps :rlaugh: ).
  14. I am eventually going to get the rims you have pictured, but I wanted to paint the stock ones black until my tires wear down. I hated wasting them since I will have to move up to a 17" tire to fit the wheels.
  15. It is a dealer add-on. Some dealers add "extras" such as the spinners, decal packages, etc. to have cars with different features. Mine originally just came with the silver Ford caps.
  16. Don't think about it so much. You might hurt yourself.
  17. Thanks, man!
    There is a believer amongst us!
  18. i think they look old and dirty

    i think you need to make the outside of your wheels chrome looking , then they will look good.
  19. Umm, no.
  20. stock painted black, 400 dollars plus 80 to re-mount and balance, spinners from ford 97 bucks.

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