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  1. I'm going to be painting my car myself in the next month or so. I have all the equipment snd I have a lot of experience with painting I've even sprayed auto paint before but I need some advice on wich products to look for. I want to keep it in the 150 $ range if possible. Any dugestions on a a good priner and BC/Cc kit? I don't have any drying equipment just fans so it would have to air dry.
  2. I might even be looking for my stock color anybody know the name of it its kind of a mettalic blue or greeninsh blend of some sort?
  3. Mystichrome?
  4. Check your door jam for the color code kid!
    You can even order the original paint kinds online.
  5. If I had to guess most of us are kids. Even if we are 42 years old ;)
  6. Lmao, at heart?

    I'm just barely 18 it seems, I got a ton of crap when I first joined at 16
  7. I wouldn't ever give ya crap. It makes me happy when I see the younger generation modding something other than a Honda or other 4 cyl hatchback. Don't get me wrong, I like some of the stuff those kids are doing. But in this day and age the younger crowd is actually stepping outside of the box to be a Stanger.

    I remember when I was 16 and bought my first car which was a 65 Stang. Being 16 and having the older guys give me a thumbs up when I drove by was a great feeling of respect. So I know what it is like to get into this hobby as a young adult. I just wish these message boards were around back then!
  8. Teah idk some think 28 is a kid I damn sure act like one lol
  9. Did you figure out what color your car is? Because I have never seen one that color.
  10. No not yes as stated above ill check out my color code see what it says
  11. Open your driver's door and there will be a white sticker in there with a barcode, VIN and other information on it. On the lower left of that sticker you will see a line that says "EXT PNT" or something like that. There will be a two digit code for your color. That's your paint code.

    Ford color codes are typically a letter, followed by a number, or it's simply two letters. My car was WJ, but others can be E9, UA, UJ etc.

    I paint lots, and I work in the industry. I will tell you right now that it's not likely going to be able to get done with decent materials for less than $150. A cheap gallon of clear is usually $100 for a kit, cheap (read crappy) primer is like $50 a gallon, and color varies but $75+ for a gallon of the cheap stuff comes to mind. (Good basecoat can be several hundred dollars a gallon).

    I painted my car at work, and a friend's car at work too. However, I'm lucky in that I haven't had to pay for paint in 6 years. The material on my car would have been over $1,000 otherwise.
  12. I don't necessarily need the best paint out there either but I've found online kits of urethane paint with clear and ecerything i need with a really good color selection I think I'm going to give it a try a couple of my friends used it to paint there hot rods with it. Its only 120 for everything including clear. Primer ibwork with an auto primer and have for years its a decent product and also used by my friends andbits about 45 $ I'm just gonna give these a go or maybe even head over to napa and talk to those guys see what they try to tell me ill figure it out I guess.
    I don't need the car to be "perfect" but would like it too look real nice and last atleast 5 or 6 years. I would be happy with that result. I have never painted a car but I have worked with enough of the product and similar products to pull it off I believe. Lol i will definitely post pictures along the way
  13. I'm painting the car at work where I can pull the car in my booth and use all the equipment there so I really think I can pull it off lol
  14. Give it a shot. Even if it doesn't come out perfect, it's not like it can't be fixed. Don't be afraid to give it a shot.

    Also, when it doubt, put the money into the clearcoat. That's what protects everything else.
  15. That's what I was going to say. A crappy base coat can still look OK under 7 coats of clear LOL.
  16. Thanks, mah dude! I'm not really modding though, like, of course I want to. But I never have the money, mostly because the car throws a problem at me every two weeks (not an exaggeration). And yeah, I can appreciate a well built Honda, and I do like certain 'rice' cars like both the rx-7 and rx-8 and the toyota supra and I wouldn't mind driving a late 90s honda civic but I prefer my beefy, manly, sexy, mustang (I like most 90s cars).
    Depending on where I go I get thumbs up, or I get dirty looks. Not that I deserve the dirty looks. Often times I'll be cruising, just driving normal, and people sometimes yell at me or assume I'm some kind of ******* because I'm in an older mustang with a bit of throat.

    and ry94stang50, what do you do?
  17. My cars code is NA Deep Forest Green and I work at a huge sign shop with two other people I specialize in wrapd and vehicle graphics but also run the paint goldleaf and vinyl depts. I've been there almost 10 years and know everything there is tonknownin that industry. I might stick to my stock color and so some kind of stripe on it.
  18. Your car looks kinda blue green. Did someone spray some blue tint over it?