Painting Dashboard--How To--WARNING---Ton's Of Pic's.

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  1. I know YOU didnt use it, but I thought I would get it since I was ordering the black anyway. Im sure it can only help maintain the look and quality and extend the life :shrug:
  2. I took my dash out and did it ;)
  3. Did anyone who did this remove the door sills, kick panels door hand cups, etc and paint those.?? Mine are all tan, and I cant paint the dash black and leave THOSE pieces tan.

  4. from what I've seen most people suggest getting those pieces in black since they receive the most wear. You could always paint them too but I'm sure you'll be touching them up every once in awhile.
  5. I was considering yanking all these little pieces from a junk yard. Im sure for under $100 I can get ALL of them. I could still paint the black ones so they look new, and if it gets a scratch you wont really notice.

    That's probable the route I will be going.

  6. Well, six months later and I just now finally ordered the SEM landau black. Figures winters coming.
  7. Get yourself a can of BULLDOG adhesive to increase the bonding of the SEM to your Vinyl surface.
  8. I would be very cautious about using brake cleaner. The texture of the dash can be easily melted into a smooth finish if you do not watch it. Good high percentage alcohol from the pharmacy is a safer choice for rookies. SEM that makes the paint gives specific instructions. SEM sells a cleaner and an adhesion promoter that works specifically for their products as well. Remember that the dash is vinyl not plastic. The SEM plastic prep contains xylene which would harm the dash. The SEM vinyl prep is ether based. It is more forgiving. While you did a GREAT job, and it looks wonderful, I can just see someone ruining a dash by smearing the wrong material on the vinyl and wondering why their fingerprints and pieces of the paper towel are stuck in the dash all of the sudden. Good job though!
  9. nice write up and results

    now get rid of those seats!
  10. Basically you could use any degreaser type cleaner to "clean" the surface, so long as the residue from that product is removed with the alcohol, etc.

    I used the SEM can of vinyl prep spray that you spray and wipe per instructions, THEN the Bulldog adhesive then 2-3 coats of SEM. I used it for the Airbag. When I did the kick panels, I used the Vinul prep but NOT the Bulldog, and I already have a couple of spots where the tan is showing through from scratching or chipping.

    I got the wheel in my house now with the airbag set in it, and it looks really nice, and I think by the time I change the carpet, paint the inside, and add the wheel, the car should almost smell new again!

  11. I did mine a while back. But I used some dash paint from 50 resto. It came in a vinyl for soft surfaces and a lacquer for hard surfaces. The vinyl matched PERFECTLY. The sheen and everything was right (I work at Sherwin-Williams and have to match pait all day, so I know a perfect match when I see it). But teh lacquer one DID NOT match. It had a blue tint with you can see under light. And it wears off easier than teh vinyl. If you go that route, use all vinyl.

    And dont use brake cleaner, that **** will eat your dash up. Wipe it down with denatured alcohol on a lint free cloth before you paint.
  12. Woohoo i inspired someone! Haha. It looks great, man!
  13. just a little update.
    dash still looks good,no scratches,chips,or flakes.

    i picked up a center console from a 98.
    grey with a cup holder in place of the ash tray.

    disassembled and cleaned it up.

    taped off the rubber trim

    wiped down with a clean cloth and brake cleaner,than painted with the SEM Landau Black,both the console and cup holder.

    heres the two side by side.
    also check out in the top cornor,i picked up some P heads the other day:D

    i used the harness that came with the console.

    i have a hidden power point under the shifter boot for my sat radio,so i modified the the connection alittle.

    also wired my foglights to operate independently of the headlights.

    heres before,

    heres after,i reused my old lid,as the one that came with the console was broken.
  14. Dude im literally buying one and doing the same thing an i had no idea how to take the center console out so thanks. little tip paint our door panels too my stang is yellow and i painted my panels to matc and it came out ok!
  15. cool.
    post up some pics of your car,we love pics.
  16. After Cleaning, i used a product called BULLDOG adhesive in a spray can. Helps the paint bond to the vinyl better.

    OK so i did everything in this post.... now after assembly everything bak. my car wont start
    engine turns but car wont start. i plug the airbag wires back correctly...


    IF i leave the airbags disconnected will that keep the car from starting?
  18. Something is left disconnected. The car not starting has nothing to do with the air bags. Is the battery fully charged? Did you disconnect the battery? Are the dash lights turning on? We need some more info to try and help you out.
  19. I did mine also, Converted the 2 tone to solid black. I bought an entire interior from a wrecked V6 car, I have the black dash too but the paint came out so well I just never installed it. I hve the black door pulls to install also and at some point upgraded seats. The donor interior was like new including carpet and door panels.

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