Painting Intake Manifold And Valve Covers?

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  1. oklahoma is red dirt country for sure, lol. i'm glad i don't ever have to drive on a dirt road here though. at least not in my stang. as far as your master cylinder being different, do you have 4 wheel disc brakes by chance? looks like it may be an svo master cylinder. if not, then someone may have just put an earlier model master cylinder on there, pre 87 or so. not sure why someone would have done that though
  2. Yes I do have disc all the way around, can I switch it out for something more modern? Why did they switch it out, couldn't they have just left the old one?
  3. The master cylinder is likely matched up with your brake system and unless you want to change the pedal feel (harder or softer) or if it's leaking or not working, you should leave it as is. The technology hasn't really changed much on them, just the looks.

    As for cleaning the engine, I just saw this the other day and this looks like the best way to do it.
  4. My breaks are a little bit soft, checking out the master cylinder will help harden them up?

    I wonder how much I would have to pay someone to clean up my engine?
  5. So you'd need to know some more info before you know if you have the correct master cylinder. First off, you need to know the bore size of the master cylinder as well as the piston size of all 4 of your calipers in order to do the math and see if it is correct. If your pedal is soft, and you have the correct master cylinder for your calipers, then you likely just need to bleed the brakes. If the bore size is too small in your master cylinder for the size of the pistons in your calipers, you will have mushy (soft) brakes. If the bore size is too big, your brakes will be hard. In my car, I have cobra 13 in. fronts and SN95 regular disks in the rear and a 94/95 GT master cylinder (1.0 bore size) and my brakes are a little too hard so I want to put on the cobra master cylinder which has a 15/16 bore size and will give me the correct factory pedal feel.

    No idea on the cost for cleaning that engine bay, I'd guess $150 but totally depends on local rates for ya.
  6. drive a Mustang, not a Rolls Royce. Go buy yourself a bottle of "Super Clean" and spend $5 at your local coin wash and use their high pressure hose. Spray, let sit for a few minutes, rinse off, repeat. It'll look every bit as good as some fancy steam clean.

  7. Although I applaud Leno for promoting the kid, I would not want someone taking a rag and running it across my paint with all of the dirt in it. Neither would I want hot steam all in my engine compartment around my electronics and seals.

    I prefer the old fashioned way of some simple green, a garden hose, and a nylon brush in the engine compartment and undercarriage..
  8. That "steam" is not really steam steam is invisible as its water vapor that steamer is well below 212? F so it will have no harm on sensors and seals I doubt its 150
  9. I planned on getting some degreaser and some shop rags to clean it up. What are some parts I should avoid getting wet?
  10. Any and all electrical connections yes they get wet when driving but don't have a hose dumping water on then just take some electrical tape and wrap around them all