Painting My 2000 Mustang

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by MFCory, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. So I need some help. I have the tools and capability to paint my own car and also airbrush it as well but for some reason I can not come up with what color or design or theme to paint it. So my question for all of you is if you owned this car what would you do? I'm going to start painting the interior first until I'm finished redoing my garage then start on the interior. I just need some ideas so I can get some creative juices flowing. 3a2uve7e.jpg a7azyny3.jpg
  2. So I have now decided my theme. Photoshopped for now and hopefully will get to spraying as soon as I get some free time. Let me know whatcha think. byby2uvy.jpg
  3. Please don't... I know it's patriotic but I wouldn't do it.... It doesn't suit the car. But that's my opinion. Take no offence, but if you ever plan on selling I think you would be stuck with it. Maybe a two tone, and throw in some military or marine airbrushing. Again take no offence just an opinion.
  4. I've completely changed the paint scheme idea. I now am wanting to go a satin black. I still am undecided on if I want to add hot rod red scallops to it also or not but we'll see
  5. Wow that looks incredible!!! You weren't lying when you said you had the skills