Painting Over Serial Numbers Without Burying Them in Paint

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  1. Im going to be painting a three stage paint job. I have a 68 mustang with the serial numbers on the top of the fender skirts.
    I buried them in primer and feather fill during the restoration process. I sanded them both back to metal and cleaned the numbers and letters out with a scribe. So the serial numbers are clean and easy to read with light primer over them.

    My question is will the basecoat / intercoat clear and clear coat cover them back up and not be able to read them?

    I would think they should show thru just like a defect does.
    I think the reason I lost them before is from sanding the added layers of primer.
    How well did your serial numbers show up after paint?
    BC/CC or Three Stage paint jobs.
  2. i usualy sand blast the engine compartment so the numbers are usualy very crisp .just a light coat of primer just enough to cover then black. they usualy show very well.a three stage paint may cover them again.
  3. horse sence
    I guess i will tape over them when I paint. Imgoing to try and paint the engine compaerment this weekend.
    Plant:FDearborn, MI
    Body Series:012 Door Hardtop
    Engine:C289 2v V8

    Miscellaneous Vehicle Data
    Body:65A2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior
    Color:TCandyapple Red
    Trim:2DDark Red Crinkle Vinyl and Dark Red Kiwi Vinyl, Standard Interior
    Date:25HAugust 25, 1967
    D.S.O:55St. Louis
    Axle:22.79:1, Conventional
    Trans:WC4 Automatic

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  4. may be paint a window around them?
  5. horse sence
    I think a window with a gold stripe to frame it would work. I want them visable. I would think this problem would come up more with the high solid paints we use now. Unless mine were just not stamped hard enough.
    The autoworker was getting tired at the end of the shift. Can you imagine stamping serial numbers all day. It may have been done in a punch press changing a number each hit.
  6. it was a hand held unit that slid over the apron , i have seen numbers punched in a stager because they didnt lock the number reel down