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  1. This winter will probably be dedicated to painting the car and finally installing a new interior, my question is what should a good paint job go for? I know it's hard to price something without properly seeing it, but I'm looking for ball park so I know I'm not getting ripped off.

    92 notch the paint was cared for but has its typical dings and very slight dent (fine size x 3). Everything is original except the hood, no body work or rust anywhere on the car.

    Ill be painting all the jambs and engine bay, trim I have most new pieces but will have it painted to look stock. The stock color is vibrent red which I will keep only difference is I wanted it clear coated.

    Let me know what you paid, next week I'm off from work so I'm going to check out a few local paint shops for pricing.
  2. I paid five for mine but that's hok paint and clear and four coats of clear as well
  3. Just got a quote to do exactly what you're looking for on my brothers car, jamb, engine bay, whole car in factory white. Quote was 4,300$
  4. Mine was 2400$ and it will be 6 years ago this spring. It didn't include the engine bay or hatch. Matching the original color. I'm going to be in the market for a new paint job also and expect 4-5k
  5. Due to regulations and local economies, you really need to get prices from people in your area. Somebody in California is going to pay a lot more than someone in rural Arkansas.
  6. Paint pricing should be relatively close with every area its all in what you want now i can say if you went to a mom and pop shop the tried to get the same base price as with what a big name shop would do
  7. I would say 3,500 to 4,500 is fair for good quality all over job with minor body work. be wary of the 1,500 job those are just scuff and spray jobs.
  8. I say find a reputable body man and hire him on the side. Those guys love that :poo:!
  9. That's what I figured around 4-5k. It's the last big hurdle with the car
  10. I tried that twice got burned big time. It took 2 yrs to get my Mustang back the paint job was junk, I delived a whole car minus motor and trans got back a rolling shell and a pile of body pieces I had to put back together doors, fenders ,nose, hood and deck lid. and ended up paying 3x what I was told it would cost. 2x what the shop would of charged.
  11. Until the job comes out like crap and then you are SOL. The guys is not going to be able to use his shops equipment or booth.

    The key to a good paint job is the prep. Hell, you can bring the car to MAACO if the car is prepped right and with your own paint and get a good paint job. Those guys spray hundreds of cars and some know what they are doing.

    That being said, I paid $3000 in 1999 for a custom pearl paint job on my 87. Guy had it for 3 months and took it apart- doors, trunk, fenders, hood. It was an amazing job that won many awards. I'd imagine today that same job would be north of $5000. You get what you pay for and a crappy paint job is not something you can hide and will ruin your car. If you cannot do the prep work yourself be prepared to pay for someone to do it. I am no body man and no my limitations so I'll pay up for it like most folk. Ask around on local boards and shows- walk up to guys with the best paint jobs and ask who did their cars.

    Regardless of who you use, always look at the cars they are currently painting and prior cars they have painted. I ask for the names of at least 3 different customers to call and ask about their work. If they balk, you don't want them painting your car.
  12. I'm paying 2500 and I strip all the parts off the car and put back together my self. Mine is going off this weekend
  13. It's all in the prep and how it's shot , been the cheap route and I re did it . here was round 2 upy6utyh.jpg ude3ytav.jpg going home ehyze4es.jpg Jams trunk and under the hood was sprayed . Bay will be done when the motor comes out again

    zu4apapa.jpg rubbed out a week later a9aqy6ys.jpg at e town this weekend
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  14. I'm paying 4500 dollars. Everything was pulled including doors. He's gapping everything. Jams and engine bay are being painted. Epoxy primer up to to clear coat. Color red also saleen body kit installed. Car will be road worthy when pulling out of shop lights and everything installed. Think I got a great deal.
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  15. @toolow I probably asked this on your progress thread but what color is that?

  16. 89 Mustang paint code 2D Medium Scarlet
  17. My 89 was painted two years ago for 3,500, was real clean to start with, a couple of dings and no dents. A shop here in Jersey stripped it apart, molding, glass, bumpers. did it in the original single stage black. I am very pleased with results. I would imagine it being 4-5,000 bucks if it needed some attention or custom color.
  18. Thats me and I indeed love that ****!!!!!