Painting wheels

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  1. I painted my bullits today because I seen a picture of a black notch with black bullits and I fell in love. So instead of dishing out another $500+ for 4 more wheels I painted the bullits on my GT. Now the 98 Cobras will be on the 90. Didnt come out too bad was a pain in the butt taping them off. you can tell if you look closely where I failed. I am also finding out how dirty black can be :)

    Took alot of cleaning, scuffing and tons of clear.

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  2. I think that those cobras looked way better, but overall those are not bad...but for christ's sake paint those damn drums black...what an eyesore .02
  3. rims look sweet I love bullits on a fox what are the size of your tires

  4. im painting the drums neon green tommrow

    seriously though the black brings them out somthing nasty Ill prolly do em up black.
  5. What paint(s) did you use? I'd like to touch up mine, but all anyone ever seems to have (as far as wheel-specific paint) is FLAT black...