Pair of fastbacks for sale cheap... 71-72

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  1. Hey, these aren't my cars, I just thought I would pass this along as I think the right person may be interested.
    These cars are located at a mechanics shop here in Pensacola.
    The shop offers a towing service, and they were asked to remove these from a property as they were in the way.
    The owner of the cars told the shop to dispose of the cars, no money exchanged.
    The shop owner, being a very nice guy, told her that he felt like she might get a few bux for the cars and that he would take them to his shop and see if someone wandered in to make an offer. She holds the titles and they are testing the waters.
    None involved are 'car people', other than being a mechanic/tow driver...
    They are not looking for gold, just an offer as opposed to scrapping the cars.

    About the cars:
    The best is a 71 Mach1 Mustang. Red/black, 351c 4v, auto, 9".
    Floor boards are toast, as are many other isolated areas of sheet metal. The sad thing is that there is no real body damage from anything other than rust, which could have been prevented if the cars had not been abandoned by the owner's late husband.
    The car has the RA hood and flip down cap. The wheels are old school aluminum slots. The interior is packed to the roof with parts. The engine is said to run, but interior and body are VERY rough due to exposure.
    Under the hood, I can tell this one has been modded. It has a single plane intake with Holley carb. I didn't think to see if it had headers, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    The other is a 72 Mustang Sprint Fastback. Red/white/blue exterior and interior. 351c 2v, auto, unknown rear... This car is bone stock, but exposure to the elements have severely rotted the sheet metal. Interior is better than the Mach, but the body has rust holes from top to bottom.
    I looked under the hood of this one too. It is not modded in any way and appears to be a good engine from looking at it.
    Car even has the stock Grabber blue poverty caps.
    It is also packed with many loose Mustang parts.

    The car is located in Pensacola, Florida.

    If you need any more info than I gave, and are not in a position to go over to Fairfield Dr, I can try to help you at [email protected]

    I hope this info helps out the old lady and some Stang enthusiast both!
  2. Just to make it clear...
    If I had some place to store 2 more cars, they would already be sold.
    Being a nice guy, and more importantly, not having any place to store them indoors, ;) I am posting this out of the goodness of my heart!
  3. man i wish i had a place for them and was closer to them. i'd love to have a Sprint.
  4. The Mach is now indoors so the hood doesn't come up missing.

    This gave me a chance to focus on the Sprint, which I hadn't done.
    I was too focused on the Mach the other day.

    Well, I am a little embarrassed to say, being a past and present Sprint owner, that I now believe the Sprint to be a clone.
    The main body is med to dark blue under the white paint.
    Many parts, hood and sport mirrors for example, are red under the white paint.
    The dash is all black, door panels white, and seats ginger.
    I can't get the driver's door open to see the trim code.
    Until I see the trim code, IMO, it is NOT a Sprint.
    I took some pics. I feel they don't represent well.
    The car is full of dents and complete rust through, but the pics don't show it.

    I crawled under the car and it is an 8" rear.
    Also, I thought that all Stangs used disc brakes by this time, however it is 4 drums.

  5. Well, I stopped by today and put the guy on the spot.
    Like I hinted to earlier, I made offers for parts, due to lack of space for whole cars...
    I told him I wanted to make an offer on the cars and said "Look, are you expecting hundreds or thousands?"

    He shot straight and said he figured they were worth $1000 each, or he would just let them sit.

    So we know a price now.
  6. man id love to get ahold of one of these to replace my 72 mach that got totalled in 88 but i just bought a house sooo im out oh and btw my 72 had drum brakes all the way around i couldnt afford the grand a piece let alone the shipping cost there is a junkyard near me that has 3 of the sprint fastbacks in it all of them are rusted beyond any belief
  7. Disc Brakes

    I have several 71-73 Mustangs. 302 cars have 4 wheel Drum Brakes and 8" rears, unless upgraded. Every 351C car I have has Disc brakes up front and 9" rears. I have to agree with the assumption that is NOT a sprint, I have a 72 Sprint Fastback 351C auto with "B" Option Package.
  8. Not all 71-73 Mustangs with 351's have front disc brakes. When I was looking for my current car I ran across two '71 Mach 1's with 351 4V's that had front drum brakes.
  9. my 72 mach 351c 2bbl had a 9inch and drums
  10. Are the fastbacks still for sale?
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