"pal" nuts are not your friend !!

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  1. I just gave up trying to install the "pal" nuts on the mach I grill delete kit. I was bending the bumper cover forward but could not get the nuts to tap- I did start the thread on two of the posts prior to putting it on but had a hell a time getting the nuts off !! Also, I remember a black vinyl protective grill backing on my 03 cobra that they make mention of in the directions, but my 04 gt did not come with one.....I have to bring my car in to FORD to have a scratch painted that was noted at delivery, I was thinking of asking them.any feedback would be helpful !!!
  2. http://www.fordmuscle.com/archives/2004/07/Project01GT/index.shtml

    heh that sucks. I got my kit from steeda and they added 3m double stick tape to the front of the grill delete so i never had to mess with those clips. hardest part was removing the old grill.

    in the past i have used a matched up deep socket to help me push one on??

    hope this may be of help

  3. bend the plastic damn it!
  4. I agree, the worst part is getting the old grille off. I ordered mine from Late Model Restoration and gave up on the clips alltogether and just bought some double sided tape. Worked just fine! :D
  5. Thanks for the link, Jay, now I see what I don't have, and mine is from ford also, hmmmm, I was thinking about the tape as well !!
  6. tape=teh suck

    C'mon guys. My Girlfriend installed mine. I was changing the oil and she got tired of waiting.

    You guys are wuses :D