Panhandle Stage 3 Twisted Wedges (flow 307cfm) & Ported Vic Jr 351W Intake

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  1. Heads are sold!

    Edelbrock 351W Victor Jr Carb Intake Manifold that has been ported by Panhandle Performance to match the flow of the heads (flows around 10% more than the heads, 332 CFM on highest flowing runner, all within a few % of each other). It was bought new from Panhandle. I have the receipt and flow sheet for it as well. It only has a couple hours run time, if that on it. Was $600 after port work, sell for $325 SHIPPED.

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  2. Rockers and arp bolts sold, price dropped, or will sell heads by themselves!
  3. tttttttttttttt
  4. May consider trading for a fox body COMPLETE Vortech S Trim kit with power pipe, decent maf, etc, or a used On3/BG/PTK/HP/Quicktime Fox or SN95 Turbo Kit.......
  5. $1300 shipped
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