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  1. just sold my wheels tires......but mustangtuning is out of the FR's............aaahhhhhh....looks like i will be sitting on jacks for a while....:notnice: :notnice: :notnice: :notnice: :bs: :bs: :bang:
  2. Should have bought new wheels before selling your old ones.

    Everywhere is out of stock, try the classified.
  3. seems like they have been out of stock for a while..!!!!!:mad:
  4. blame the supplier, F'kin bastards :mad:
  5. Look before you leap.:shrug:

    Sorry man I had too.:D This really does suck though. Ebay, or the classifieds may be your only option. Or you could select different wheels.

  6. hey did you ever get your wheels..?????????????????????????
  7. way to sell the shoes you walk on

  8. Sure didn't :(

    Waiting to find out if I get this job or not before I throw more money at the car.

  9. oh well....not my dd anyway...but i have been talking to somone in the northeast classifieds...i think i'm all set..???

  10. :nice: :nice:
  11. How much they charging around for 4 fr500s?? I kind of want to get some black fr500s with the ford symbols in them for my BLACK GT...I think black on black is TOPS:hail2:
  12. You mean the ones with "Ford Racing" branded into the lip?.. If so, you'll have to order from Ford or a Ford Racing parts supplier.. I don't think will have them, and they'll be more than the replicas usually

    But the black FR500's do look SICK on black 99-04's :drool: :hail2:
  13. yeah def...I'm hopefully getting a new job so lots of money coming my way....I still want to trade her in for a 03 cobra...but payments are going to suck and less for mods car has 39k on not bad...but if i get a real GOOD job..cobra here i come..either way going to black my car out..tints and fr500s for sure..
  14. I ordered my fr500s back on march 3rd... still no word about where they are
  15. When will everyone realize that EBAY is cheaper and never out of stock of fr500's.:doh:

  16. ebay is not cheaper, and they never have them......also you pay for shipping....:shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

  17. sorry to say, i just ordered the fr500s today, im getting them this week.. theyre in stock at

    he said he has 23 wheels (18x9)
    and 6... well 4 now because i bought two deep dish 18x10s for the rear. Hurry up and order!