Paperwork for a 1971?

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  1. Hi, I purchased a 1971 Mustang Grande, about 3-4 years ago. The guy I bought the car from, only had a bill of sale, and had planned on stripping the car out. When I bought the car, he also provided me with a bill of sale, from him to me. Since then, I have moved and lost the paperwork. We're in the process of restoring the car and need to get a registeration. I live in New York state, and I have no idea how I would go about getting the necessary paperwork? I tried talking to someone at our local DMV, but the lady was rude and wouldn't help me out. I'm not sure if the guy I had bought the car from is still around or even if I could still find his house. If anyone can give me some ideas on how I can get the paperwork so, I can eventually register the car it would be greatly appreciated. I was told something about Maine from a local guy, who restored classic cars? Thanks.