Parking Brake Equalizer

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  1. Hey Guys,

    New to the site, I tried searching, but no luck. I was wondering where I could find a parking brake equalizer or one that will fit a 1978 Mustang II. I've been searching around like made but can't find anything! I was looking at a 65 equalizer, and thought it may fit, but I'm not to sure. Thanks in advance for the help guys!
  2. I had lost my equalizer when I reassembled my car, but was fortunate enough to find another II in a salvage yard. What I was going to do was try to locate one from a Fox body and see if it would work if I didn't find a II. I would think that they may be similar enough to try. I would like to think that one from a 65 probably wouldn't work due to the different locations of the parking brake actuator. Early models used a foot pedal whereas the II uses a pull handle. Sorry it is not a definitive answer, but hopefully helps point you in a direction that can help you out!
  3. Well I bought a 65 equalizer off of ebay. Compatibility says it goes all the way up to 1973, which is a mustang ii model (correct me if im wrong). Once it arrives and I try to fit it on, I'll report back. Thanks for replying!
  4. Mustang II's were from 74-78. A 73 is basically the same car as a 71 or 72. I hope it works for you nonetheless. Good luck!!
  5. Hi Guys. a 1965 eqaulizer will fit and take care of the job. I just have to release some of the tension to tighten up the rod with both screws (if that makes sense to anyone).
  6. :nice: Glad it worked for ya! And I learned something today-it's good all around!!! :)
  7. I'm glad it worked for you, and thanks for sharing. These fall out of our cars far too often -- once the cable stretches there's not much holding the equalizer in place -- so be sure to keep it in adjustment. My present setup is a cable-clamp connected to the equalizer rod (which works just fine and I know it won't just fall off). Maybe I'll upgrade knowing the 65 part fits.