Parking Break

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  1. Hey guys ive searched and cant find a fix for my parking break. It pulls up and and has alot of tension but it wont stay up it clicks right back down. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Anyone? Ive took off the plastic around the brake and the lines arent broken it just clicks all the way down but wont lock in.
  3. I'm not sure about the mustang, but generally there is a little lever that slides into the mechanism as you pull the handle up. That is what causes the buzz when you apply the brake. When you push the release on the handle, the lever tension is released and the handle goes down. Check that the lever engages fully. It may be worn or need a little lube. The release button may be sticking in the "release" mode just enough to not allow the lever to hold, or something may require a little lube to engage it, or the spring may be tired. It should be a fairly simple mechanism. Look for extra slack and find the source.
  4. Tr7driver thanks for the reply, when I get home ill try some wd40? I do some some white grease looking stuff on it
  5. Well the lube didnt do the trick I may havt to take it somewhere

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