Roush Parnelli Jones speedo error

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  1. Just wondering if anyone else with a PJ has noticed that the speedo readings are about 5 mph on the low side?
  2. there's a tsb out on it, did you take it in while it still had a warranty and have it done yet?:shrug:

    Technical Service Bulletin
    July 31, 2007

    Applied Vehicle:
    All 2007 S302 Parnelli Jones
    This bulletin provides information on how to remove and replace the instrument cluster on a
    2007 S302 Parnelli Jones vehicle. It has been determined that a calibration issue has caused
    the speedometer to display the incorrect vehicle speed. Saleen will re-calibrate the instrument
    clusters and return them to the servicing dealer.
    The vehicle in question is a 2007 Saleen S302 Parnelli Jones, and while driving the
    legal speed limit you determine that the speedometer is displaying a speed at least 3
    miles per hour (mph) different than its actual speed.
    Remove the instrument cluster per the following instructions and send in to Saleen at
    the address listed on page 3 for reprogramming. Be sure to fill out a warranty claim form
    for the instrument cluster removal and re-placement – no labor will be paid for without a
    complete warranty claim form! Use a grease pencil to write the last 8 digits of the VIN
    on the instrument cluster, and

    send the warranty claim form in with the cluster for
    speedy processing and accurate tracking.
    Make sure you package the instrument cluster properly (Ford packaging for instrument
    cluster is ideal) with the cluster face pointing UP. If the cluster is facing the wrong way,
    oil will spill out of the instrument cluster during shipping and the cluster may be ruined.
    Saleen is not responsible for damage due to improper packaging.

  3. As Mike mentioned, this ideally would have been done already since the TSB is almost 2 years old.

    There's also a Watts Link TSB you should check into as this can be a safety concern, and it can be found here: 2007 Saleen/Parnelli Jones Edition TSBs and Install Manuals - The Saleen Forums at

    I can think of at least 3 scenarios...

    If you bought your PJ new and since February 2, 2009, I would be asking the the dealer to handle this for you.

    If you bought your PJ on or before February 2, 2009, and it's still covered under the 1-year Saleen warranty, you can apply for assistance from Steve Saleen's new company, SMS Supercars. Information is available here: Procedure for SMS Supercars Warranty Support for Saleen Vehicles - The Saleen Forums at

    If it's out of warranty, I'd still check with your selling dealer and see if you can work together on this as it should have been done. The cluster will need to be sent back to MJ Acquisitions/Saleen in Michigan for calibration -- which means you'll be without a car for several days. You might call them at 800-888-8945 for more details on what it's going to cost out-of-pocket.

    Good luck!
  4. thanks... I just bought the car this week, used with 1600 miles on it, so I don't know if the TSB has been done. While driving it home the speed on my GPS was showing 5 mph faster. Could a Ford dealer do it through IDS software?
  5. Call 1-800-888-8945 and try option 2 -- business hours Michigan time... ask someone if it's been done on your car... they should be able to tell you.

    Ask about the Watts-Link TSB as well.

    Depending on what the result of the Watts-Link report is, you might consider the Techco Watts-Link setup which is designed a little better -- talk to Carlos and he will try to take care of you. :)

    Watts Link