Part 2 of my build

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  1. Well the car is about to go under the knife again!This will be a exciting build,and will be fun when done!For now this is the only pic i have till i take some tonight.So stay tuned and follow this build!I should hopefully start the tear down this weekend if not sooner!peace


  2. hhhhhhhhhmmmmm what's the plan
  3. Hey I like that black cover over your rad support. Where'd you get it?
  4. I got it from scotts rods (i beleive it's called that) Well i'll be posting pics soon!I'm on my daughters lap top now so i caint post pics,but once i get home tonight i will.I have a good list of stuff i'm not needing so check my for sale threads.Oh and it might be a give away?peace

  5. well your selling injectors for bigger ones and longtubes so I'm gonna guess you're goin turbo..........
  6. I don't see pics :nono:
  7. this thread as of right now is crap
  8. i see them just fine
  9. I mean the updated pics
  10. Well i was going to post them,but work has gotten crazy!Dam state of california is a pain!I can inssure tomorrow will have them up,and hopefully sat/sun will be plentyfull!Not doing much on sunday going to the races here all day!peace

  11. its tomorrow... today!
  12. its also 6am out there

    turbo huh? you doing the master power upgrade or going with something else?
  13. 76mm pics in a few gotta dig it out of my closet,I'm getting the cold side either powered coated gloss black or painting it myself,also doing the same with the outlet side of the turbo.I SHOULD? be pulling parts tonight and then doing a test fit so i can cut out the panels to patch them in again.Ordering my box tonight and i need to get wrap to wrap the down pipe.Still trying to decide if i'm converting to roller and order my new cam?Started on fabing my catchcan today at work.I'm also thinking of putting my 4eyed nose on thinking it might ad to the cooling of the intercooler?Waiting to see if i win the meth kit off ebay also?Should know this weekend!peace

  14. I think I'm most excited about the 4 eyed nose. Snow kit or Anderson?
  15. Snow heres the 4eyed nose i might use?Does anyone thing it will help cool better then the areo nose?peace

  16. nah you need a 85-86 GT nose
  17. Yeah that would be my 1st choice,but i picked this up for $20 with everything i need.I will keep my eyes open for a 85/86 GT nose for sure!peace